Quitting on my corporate job at 26 and started freelancing wasn’t the actual plan. It was supposed to seek for greener pasture. After being delayed of an opportunity for a year, I realized that day by day, I was becoming a digital nomad. From doing a small projects in graphic designing to blogging & a lot more. It has given me a solid lifestyle as I work into different locations and just relying on internet capabilities for income. 


And today, I have MISSKSTUDIO, a digital and print graphic design studio and I am now a full-time blogger.

NAME: Kim Santiago
NICKNAME: Misskhae
BIRTHPLACE: Philippines
LANGUAGES: Tagalog & English
BLOGGER SINCE: February 2018







Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start blogging and why?

Actually, I have been blogging since 2012. But I started in Tumblr and it was more of a personal blog. It’s where I keep all my rants and drunk thoughts when my emotion is toying with me. Somehow, keeping an online diary has helped me to get through with my anxiety and depression when I was living alone in Cebu as a student. Tumblr has given me a family that I could lean on during those dark times. Although, I have always been inlove with writing ever since I was a kid that I even keep notes for myself. Still, I wanted to pursue blogging.


February 2012. I started as a Tumblr blogger. During this time, I took writing very seriously that even I was getting a lot of hates & criticisms about it, I never stopped writing. I’ve been on and off on Tumblr– deactivated so many times and still came back.


March 2013. Together with my friend, we founded a writing group called Escafeism. It’s a group of aspiring Tumblr writers for the purpose of uniting bloggers who have the same passion which is escaping through creative writing.


2015. The thought of wanting to have a Lifestyle blog has driven me to purchased the domain misskhae.com and started blogging about personal experiences. But I was still in Tumblr back then. After it expired, I decided not to renew the domain because I got back to school.


February 2017. Even working as an Executive Secretary, I couldn’t take my mind off about starting a new blog from scratch. I have over 10k followers on Tumblr, but I wanted to keep that space as personal as possible. So, I decided to start with WordPress.com. After writing a couple of posts, I stopped and got back again to writing after a year.  Then eventually, I upgraded my plan to have a more customized url. That’s how I got ohmisskhae.blog!


January 2020. I finally decided to migrate to a self-hosted site and relaunched misskhae.com as a Lifestyle and Travel blog. Now here I am!


No matter what the consequences, if something is meant for you, it’s really bound to happen as long as you don’t give up on it. I am here to serve myself as an inspiration to other people who wants to pursue their dreams. It’s time to start today!

Do you earn money through blogging? How?

As of this writing (that’s two weeks after launching this blog), no I don’t earn anything just yet. But when I do, I know I won’t earn so much since monetizing this blog isn’t my priority. Plus, I don’t want to display a lot of ads on my site. What I get most are free products from sponsored posts, and rarely, an all expense paid trip. But that’s all enough for me.

How to start a blog?

Soon, I will update this when I get to write a more detailed post about starting a blog.

Can I repost your articles and use your images?

Without permission, of course you can’t. All articles and images posted on this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. You can read my blog’s privacy policy for further information.


However, there are share buttons available at the end of my posts, so you can use that to share it anywhere you want. Or you can just copy the link on the clipboard. Although, if you’ll insist on reposting as a guest post somewhere, let’s talk about it. Contact me! Maybe I’ll reconsider.

Who take your photos?

I do. I personally took almost everything of the photos that I used on my site using only a mobile phone. For selfies, I would ask for help to anyone I am with at that moment. And as part of my blog’s privacy policy, I properly credit the person for the photos that aren’t mine. 

 Thank you if you think my photos are beautiful. But if you’re curious about how I do it on my phone, I don’t really know. I also don’t have any tips and techniques that I could share as of this writing because maybe, I have a thing about photography and I just don’t even know it yet? LOL!  By the way, I use iPhone 6s to take photos and Lightroom CC to edit them. Then, I created the pin board for Pinterest and some other graphics like blog logo & stuff on Adobe Photoshop. Yes, I have quite a knowledge about editing. See more details about my graphic design studio.
Can you post our brand/company on your blog for free?

That could be arrange. You can send me the details on my contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. You know, I don’t want this blog to get too commercialized that’s why for brands, I don’t review products that I don’t personally use. However, I can do product impression instead but that usually depends if it’s in line with my niche and personal interest. For businesses and travel destinations, well it’s given that I should be visiting the place and experience it firsthand to properly give a well-deserved review. Although, this would still depends to my schedule. But thank you so much in advance and if you’ll consider me, I look forward to working with you. 🙂

Where can I send our products for you to review?

I am currently arranging my permanent address for business purposes. As of now, you can email me about the details at misskhaedotcom@gmail.com.

How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with me through my contact page. Also, you can subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive access of new blog posts, giveaways, and more for FREE.


On the most right upper and bottom part of my site, you can find links to my social account pages where you can also get in touch with me.

What are your graphic design services?

I do both digital and print graphic design services for branding identity, marketing materials, and digital presence & content. For more detailed information, you can check misskhae.com/misskstudio.

Do you make logo and other graphics for blog branding?

Yes I definitely do. Soon I will make a detailed post about it to help other bloggers setup their blog and have beautiful logos, headers and other social media assets for personal branding. Meanwhile, you can check Misskstudio, my graphic design studio instagram page if you want to see my sample works.


2009-2013 | Limelight and Photoshoots

More Details

  • Started Modeling
  • Guinness World of Record for Most People Modeling on a Catwalk, 2012
  • Cebu’s 100 Prettiest Girls, 2013
  • Started blogging on Tumblr, 2013

community servant

2014-2017 |
Corporate Job and Community Service

More Details

  • Become a Rotaractor
  • Assistant Secretary of Rotaract Club of Dipolog, 2015
  • Started working as Executive Assistant, 2016
  • Become an official Rotarian, Rotary Club of Dipolog, 2017


2018-2019 | Graphic Studio and In Music Industry

More Details

  • Debuted as DJ Misskhae
  • Started my blog, Urbanchix
  • Resigned as Executive Assistant
  • Started Freelancing and build Misskstudio, my digital and print graphic design studio
  • Officially registered its business name on DTI


2020 | Freelance and Full-Time Blogging

More Details

  • Switched to a Self-Hosted Site
  • Working hard to grow all of my social media plaforms
  • Started learning the art of content-making
  • Started a group called Zanorte Creator’s Camp


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