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A Philippine-based solo female travel blogger that DIYs her own life's adventures.
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Meet Misskhae

Hello! Proudly born and raised in the Philippines, I always feel like I am living in the wrong place and I need to be somewhere else. Quitting on my corporate job wasn't the actual plan-- it was supposed to seek for greener pasture abroad. But after being delayed of an opportunity, I took it as a sign that I was maybe meant to stay. Now I found myself wandering and seeing my home country instead. The beauty of the Philippines is beyond what I can even imagine! And that has determined me to put my travel stories and beauty of it in words, and let more people see what I've seen through this blog. I want to provide fresh information about traveling mainly to focus on a destination's cultural uniqueness, introduce more attraction within the locale of my home, and share all the adventure that comes my way.

Travel Profile of Khae Santiago
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My Real-time Adventures

My restless spirit loves to do so much, from diving underwater, to chasing sunsets and waterfalls to reaching the top of the mountain including all in-betweens.