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Misskhae is currently in
Davao City 🇵🇭

She has been conquering mountain peaks, blending into the underwater environment, camping out, and witnessing every day's sunset and sunrise in her home country, the Philippines.

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Hello there! It's Misskhae.
Welcome to my Blog!

I am the author behind this rapidly growing travel and lifestyle blog that focuses on providing raw travel stories promoting local destination spots, businesses, adventures, people, and communities with potential in the tourism industry. This is my way of living life. Live with me through this blog!

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Misskhae has been in digital freelancing since 2020. She fiercely became her own boss and started to run a professional travel and lifestyle website, founded a digital and print graphic design studio, aspired to be a content creator, and venture into the world of digital marketing. Do you want to start your own personal/business professional website? Let's talk about it over a cup of coffee.

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I create good relationship with my readers and still connects with tourism boards and brands even after the end of the project. I want to share my incredible journey to everyone as much as possible as I have been learning from them as well.

"Khae has a unique approach and appeal for her audience. Her style in reaching out her target audience is impeccable. The Department of Tourism Region 9 is proud to have her in our Influencer Program last 2021. She is the best fit as tourism ambassador of Region 9, Zamboanga Peninsula."

Department of Tourism Region 9

"We would like to thank Misskhae for taking part of Lokal Mindsets workshop as guest speaker -- the "Think Outside The Box Workshop”. Misskhae proved that charisma and knowledge is the main factor in public speaking. She spoke elegantly and she really knows how to interact to the participants. The way she delivers her statements is on point and clear. Overall, she's a professional and effective speaker-- a Modern Filipina, intelligent , confident, and outspoken."

Lokal Mindsets