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What's this blog is all about?

Hello there! My name is Khae.

Quitting on my corporate job to travel and start digital freelancing wasn’t the actual plan. It was supposed to seek for greener pasture. But after being delayed of an opportunity for a year, I realized that I’m becoming a digital nomad. From doing small projects in graphic designing, social media marketing to blogging, and a lot more. It has given me a lifestyle to move around as I work into different location to see the world and just keep on living my dreams.


This blog is everything that falls in between all the things that interest me.

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Things You Need To Know When Starting A Blog

Starting a blog isn’t easy especially if you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s best that you should know the basic things when starting and read a real-life experience throughout my blogging journey.

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Top 3 Challenges in Being a Lifestyle Blogger

Sometimes, when people finds out that I’m a blogger, they would usually get really surprise. Most were pretty curious about what I exactly do and how much I’m earning. But there are others who are deem quick to judge on how blogging is a waste of time– that it’s a no brainer job. Some would say,“That’s so cool. How lucky you are to be just sitting on the internet all day, writing, receiving products, and get to travel all for free.” I have been in this industry for almost 8 years and how I really wish that I’d get to blog, receive free stuff, and get to see the world for free. Sadly, no.

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