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GAWAD LAONG LAAN 2023: Misskhae Nominated As Most Influential and Most Inspiring Digital Creative in Dapitan City

Gawad Laong Laan is the 1st Jose Rizal Digital Creative Awards to honor Dapitan’s brightest digital minds and to ignite a new era of creative talents in Dapitan City. This award body is in line with the grant received by Dapitan for a digital creative hub, which aligns perfectly with the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act (RA 11904) that recognizes the immense potential of the creative sector as a driver of economic growth and cultural identity.

When I started out as a content creator, it was just me, my phone camera and this blog. I never even thought about getting recognized until the campaign of Once Again ZAMPEN for local travel creators happened in 2021. Since then, I knew how valuable I am, even though I get to hear words like, “Ah, blogger lang pala.” Well, that didn’t stop me there.

Dapitan City Tourism has then opened its doors for me, not just to strengthen and widen the tourism promotion of the city into a wider market, but also to influence other creators to get out of their comfort zone — that there’s more outside their bedroom, and to make them realize that the world, Dapitan City rather, is a big content source for them to maximize their creative potential.


Celebrating the talent, innovation, and commitment of all creatives, Gawad Laong Laan has a total of twelve (12) categories embodying the spirit of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. They call the nominees the “Digital Heroes of Dapitan City”. It has a nice ancient, yet modern ring to it. I love it!

Out of twelve, I got two nominations and I am over the moon by it.

EL ILUSTRADO: Most Influential Digital Creative Award

“This honor, “El Illustrado,” seeks not just digital mastery of a Dapitanon, but a voice that resonates, ignites, and leaves a lasting impression on Dapitan. Think social media titans with a heart of gold, digital influencers who build bridges not walls, and online storytellers who champion change with every click.” – Laong Laan

LA DAPITANA: Most Inspiring Female Digital Creative Award

“This award celebrates the extraordinary women who, amidst life’s challenges, blossom with creativity and inspire others with their unwavering passion. These digital pioneers have harnessed the power of technology to impact change in our community, proving that even the smallest spark can ignite a revolution.” -Laong Laan

I wasn’t able to attend the awarding ceremony held in Balay Hamoy, but I am dedicating these nominations for my younger creator self, and to all creators who are once part of my first event project collaboration with Dapitan City Tourism — the BLOG & VLOG WORKSHOP. Seeing how they grow and become the best in their chosen niche and industry is such a proud mom moment for me.

Gawad Laong Laan has given these creators an avenue to be recognized on what they do, and now they have the Dapitan Digital Creative Hub, a platform to influence others too.

Mayor Bullet was right when he said that,“This is a dream come true for Dapitan’s creative community.”

Indeed it is.

A huge thanks to Dapitan City Information Division OIC Engr. Ryann Z. Elumba for the big effort.
Congratulations to everyone who won an award! YOU ALL DESERVE IT.

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