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BLOG & VLOG WORKSHOP: My First Event Project Collaboration with Dapitan City As A Travel V/Blogger

My heart still skips with excitement whenever I think about the success of my first and biggest event project collaboration that was happened last April 28-30, 2021 in Dapitan City. In partnership with the Local Government Unit of Dapitan City headed by the honorable Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos and in coordination with City Tourism Office of Dapitan with Madame Apple Marie Agolong and its tourism’s Special Project Associate of Deepdream Events Management, Randolf Buenosindo, the mere idea that just once crossed my mind during sleepless nights have finally turned into a reality. 

Knowing that Dapitan City is one of the widely popular tourist destination nationwide and in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, the initiative of creating this project is to amplify the booming economic well-being of Dapitan City in the context of tourism and to give more knowledge and learnings to the young creators who aspire to be the best on their chosen field and building their passion into a career.

In line with the tourism’s recent campaign “Mas Pachada Dapitan”, we gathered amazing content creators both from the vlogging and blogging industry coming from the neighboring city and municipalities of the province offering them a FREE 3-day workshop. The event was held at one of the heritage houses in Dapitan City, the Aniano Adasa Heritage House, where the office of tourism is currently residing.

One of the objectives of this workshop is to impart knowledge to the participants on how to build their brand as a travel creator, create new content strategy skills and linking them into their social media accounts, how to monetize their pages and contents in the future, and step up for success as they up their game online. 

Yep, that’s a lot to take in!


Of course I couldn’t do it all alone! That’s why we invited promising speakers who have more experiences knowing that each and every one of them are experts on what they do. We had (1) Clipoy Magallanes, the man behind Lokal Mindsets— a booming video creator page that features high-quality content about anything local from food businesses to inspiring others with their heart-touching stories about people; (2) Dee Chua, a photographer and music artist; (3) Nerf, a music producer; (4) Marella Ratificar, a social media manager and the writer behind the Write Up Project; and (5) Mahalia E., a video creator on Tiktok.

Having them for 3 days had made the workshop even more exciting, fun, and full of learnings.

But wait, there’s more!

Blog & Vlog Competition

Along with the workshop is the province-wide competition of Blog and Vlog content-making for the same tourism campaign and its content theme “Mas Pachada Dapitan”. A total of ten (10) entries had locked in the competition and it was a tough decision that the judges had to make in choosing the winning entries.

Thankfully, we got a stellar line-up of people to the judge the entries. We got (1) Sir Armand Bengua Frasco of AmbiboPH, the famous online lifestyle news and trendsetter page; (2) Ms. Rodelyn Zamoras, a solo female traveler; (3) Marella Ratificar, copywriter; (4) Christian Joshua Dael from Smart Communication Inc.; and Sharrize Melody Petalcorin, the former Miss Dapitan.

Generous Sponsors

The event wouldn’t be successful without the overwhelming support of all the brands, organisations, and local businesses. They are one of the reasons behind its success that’s why my deepest gratitude goes to them. Special mention to:

The growing digital market amidst pandemic and the capabilities of digital content can strengthen and widen the tourism promotion into a global market. That’s why creating valuable events like Blog and Vlog Workshop and Competition will have a significant direct effect in boosting the tourism of Dapitan City at the same time give its young locals the power to do it through content-making.

As what Dr. Jose P. Rizal says,”Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.”

Short and full of underlying thoughts behind that statement, but he actually knows what he’s saying and Dapitan being Rizal’s exile city just proves that investing on the youth is the really next big thing in tourism.

Media Features

My heart is beyond grateful to everyone’s support especially to the media and to the different social media pages that featured and covered the first ever Blog & Vlog Workshop and Competition.

LGU Dapitan

Read the Full Article Here

Smart Communications Inc.

The entire event, though it was honestly exhausting, has moved and changed my perspective as a creator into a different level. It has opened my vision into a new purpose.


Also, I am extending my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of the Blog and Vlog Competition starting with the second placer, WK Production who was also awarded as the Most Commendable Production out of all the vlog entries, Loyd D. being the first placer with his exemplary talent in hosting which makes him achieved the Best Host award, and to the champion— team 7101!

Read THE WINNING BLOG: Discover Beyond Dapitan by Rey Anthony Villaverde
Watch The Winning Vlog: Mas Pachada Dapitan by Team 7101

As a full-time travel v/blogger for over a year now, this has been so far one of my biggest collaboration project with a tourism board and I wouldn’t be able to do this without everyone’s support and efforts.

Manifesting for a more project like this in the future! The success of this event isn’t just mine to celebrate but to every people who continues to support everything that I do.

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  • May 28, 2021

    congratulations on this! napakagaling! ikaw ba ang nag initiate nito? saya siguro if meron din dito samin hahahaha!! go pasig!

    May 27, 2021

    Congratulations on the success of your event! I super miss organizing face to face activities like that and i wish i could have attended that myself. Totally in need of it hahaha.

  • Dang
    May 26, 2021

    Big thanks to all Filipino bloggers and vloggers. Their works and magic are the talents needed to show the beauty of our country. Kudos to all participant and speakers that shared their tips and techniques in blogging.

  • May 20, 2021

    Wow! What an achievement for you! Love that you’re so young and yet you put your ideas into action. Congratulations on your event and cheers to more content creators events from you!


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