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VILLA ANGELINA LUXURY SUITES in Dapitan City: The Luxury Wing of Dakak Park and Beach Resort

I have been staring on this blank space for hours and every attempt to start writing nostalgically the memories of my once in a lifetime, luxurious experience at Villa Angelina Luxury Suites in Dapitan City, it just made me want to walk down the memory lane and relive everything on my head.

The cozy grand king size bed, the breathtaking view outside the balcony while soaking in the warm jacuzzi, the rain shower in the bathroom, the sumptuous food, the infinity pool, the van every time it fetches us from and to the resort, the thank yous and “maayong adlaw” greetings of the staff, and even the beep sound of the keycard whenever it granted me access to enter the realm of a royalty.

Every bit of experience literally gave me chills and until now, it’s still hard to believe that Zamboanga del Norte has a luxurious destination spot. It makes me honestly proud because as a local travel blogger who just travels around my home province because of pandemic, it’s beyond what I have imagined that it would be.

I am not going to be able to move on from this experience ever without sharing it. That’s why, I am so happy to show you a virtual tour in the most luxurious getaway and premiere hideaway resort in the south– the Villa Angelina Luxury Suites!

I am a local for the locals.

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About Villa Angelina Luxury Suites

Villa Angelina is a magnificent paradise and pride of Dapitan City and is the luxury wing of Dakak Park and Beach Resort settled exclusively on the rocky highlands of the resort. 

Geographically, Villa Angelina rested on the tip of Northern Zamboanga as the view of the Sulu Sea warmly greets you in the west and is fortressed by high mountains on its east.

How To Get To Villa Angelina

Villa Angelina Luxury Suites is part of the main vicinity complex of Dakak Park and Beach Resort located in Taguilon, Dapitan City Zamboanga del Norte. It is a 30-40 minute drive from Dipolog City where the only accessible airport is located.

By Air — If you’re coming from Luzon and Visayas area, daily air trip schedules are available by local airlines to and from Dipolog City. Confirmed checked-in guests will be picked up at the airport by the complimentary van of Villa Angelina.

By Land — Dapitan City is accessible by a land trip both for private vehicles and public transportation bus from Dipolog, Ozamis, Pagadian, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga City.

By Boat — Many domestic shipping company like Medallion, Cokaliong, GP, Montenegro Lines offers routes vice versa from Visayas area like Cebu and Dumaguete going to the port of Dapitan or Dipolog.


PANDEMIC IS NOT A JOKE! COVID-19 is still out there! Non-essential travels are not allowed on some areas and travel requirements are needed. Do a research before traveling. Strictly follow health protocols and safety precautions as advised by IATF.

Getting Around The Villa

By means of deluxe, Villa Angelina is a highly exclusive resort to its guest. With two high and well-secured gates, you can’t just get into the villa whenever you feel like it. You have to be either a checked-in guest or a day tour guest to get in. 

All private vehicles will be parked on the provided parking lot at the second gate where a complimentary van will take you from and to the villa. It will fetch you from the 2nd gate and bring you to the reception area of Villa Angelina or directly outside the doorstep of your assigned casita if you already have checked in. 

It can also bring you into anywhere down in Dakak and pick you back up in the villa. Just ask any food establishment in Dakak to phone call the reception. 

You said VIP? Yes, you’re definitely a VIP here! That means, if you’re a checked-in guest of Villa Angelina, you have the full access of the amenities in Dakak Park and Beach Resort as well, but with corresponding prices for food and other activities, of course. 

Resort Exterior

  • Classy and Functional Fountain
  • Parking Lot Just Beside The Golf Course
  • High-wooden gate
  • Instagrammable Bridge
  • Reception Area With An Overlooking View
  • Another Wooden Gate Going Into The Cliffside Casitas


Style and living really go well hand in hand in Villa Angelina Luxury Suites. 

More than fifty casitas are strategically perched on a seaside cliff. Just outside the balcony of the casita cliff, you can see the other casitas aligned beautifully and the view of the long stretch of beach shoreline of Dakak Park and Beach Resort. 

Each casitas are world-class designed, elegant, spacious and well-lit. Interiors are rustic and minimal with a touch of a scandinavian design that I’m completely obsessed with which makes it very homey and lived-in feel while the glass wall with smart curtains to maximize the benefits of technology offers an even more posh atmosphere.

Every corner of this air conditioned, 206 square meter room is very instagrammable, too.

Things To Do In Villa Angelina Luxury Suites

In Villa Angelina, everything is expensive! But the overall vibe of the resort is just divine including the things that you can do. Imagine living a life like you’re a one-day millionaire. It’s a once in a lifetime experience in a whole new different world and I would say it’s like a small part of the life of a crazy rich asian.


This is probably one of my most favorite things to do in Villa Angelina Luxury Suites. The warm bath gives a calming relaxation to my body after a long day of activities and adventures. Not to the mention the surreal view from the balcony. Some nature views indeed comes with a price!

2. Get mesmerized with the view of Infinity swimming pool

The Infinity Pool of Villa Angelina Luxury Suites brings character and brand identity for the entire resort. Its view is breathtakingly splendid and having its own infinity pool bar just makes it more luxurious as it is already are. From up there, you’ll get to see the mountain, the ocean, and the golf course of Dakak where everything looks magical during sunsets.

3. Experience a premium relaxation in Spa At The Villa

A royalty vacation in this luxury resort is nothing without a relaxing spa.

4. Visit the manmade waterfalls at Sabores Del Mar

The first time I knew that the waterfalls is manmade, I was shocked. Seeing how grand it is, man it looks so real!

5. Chase that sunset at Sunset Cove [NEW]

If you like to chase sunset with a luxury view, visit the newest hangout area of Villa Angelina Luxury Suites, the Sunset Cove. This is also accessible if you’re checking in at Dakak Park and Beach Resort. As someone who falls in love every time the sun sets, the Sunset Cove never fails to take my breath away and it’s now one of my most favorite in the resort.

Open Hours

Hours: 3:00pm – 11:00pm

Closed every Tuesday


Being a VIP guest in Villa Angelina Luxury Suites, you can do a lot of things including all other activities and adventures that are offered in Dakak Park and Beach Resort. But if you want to be more extra, here are more activities that you can do outside:

  • Rent a speedboat and have a tour in the coastal of Dapitan City.
  • Fly with a chopper from Dakak to Aliguay Island and experience scuba diving.

Where To Eat in Villa Angelina Luxury Suites

Most of the tourist destinations, no matter how expensive or affordable it is, it’s always the food that makes the guests come back. For foodie travelers, I know you’re curious on what Villa Angelina serves in their luxury resort.

1. Yugo Asian Restaurant

Villa Angelina takes pride of its exceptional taste of authentic asian cuisine that serves, but not limited to Japanese and Korean dishes of Yugo Asian Fusion Restaurant.

Yugo Asian Fusion Restaurant serves a wide varieties of breakfast meal from the famous filipino silogs to some choice of bacon and egg which is a famous American breakfast to a light morning meal of continental breakfast. They have appetizers such as kimchi and tore karaage; salad, ramen noodles, sandwiches, entrees, rice bowls, soup, sashimi, bento box, and shabu-shabu. For liquors, they got wine, beer, brandy, gin, tequila, rum, vodka, and cocktails.

Open Hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm

This restaurant is also a contactless order resto in Villa Angelina that offers QR code which redirects you into a digital menu— a friendly-user menu access and the fastest serving time of food. You can also use this when you want to order food from your room or when you’re in the restaurant.

2. Korean BBQ in the Garden

It’s so unfortunate that I never got the chance to try their Korean BBQ in the beautiful garden view with overlooking scenery of the sea. This can be availed through a reservation a day before because of the tables being limited and the time spent for preparation of the food ingredients and everything. 

To book, you can call the reception area from your casita and schedule your Korean BBQ day. Best time to avail this is on late afternoon going sunset. Noon time is not advisable because it gets so sunny and hot.

3. Sabores Del Mar

This soon-to-open Mexican restaurant is located on the semi-private beach within the complex of Villa Angelina just a few steps going down from the villa. It’s also the viewpoint if you’re At The Spa.

Sabores Del Mar being the semi-exclusive area of Villa Angelina with an amazing beach view, a lot of guests opt for a romantic setup here especially to those who wants to plan a surprise celebrations. Villa Angelina also caters a decoration service if you want. You may tell them your concept idea and they’ll try to make it happen for you.

Open Hours

Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm

Closed every Monday

With only one food restaurant that you can try in Villa Angelina, you can also go down in Dakak if you’re looking for a different taste especially when you’re staying for more than a night. Dakak has a lot of food to offer compared to Villa Angelina — from Italian, Hawaiian snacks, to Mediterranean cuisines.

  • Sea Catch – the newest seafood haven in Dakak that serves Mediterranean taste of food
  • Tiki Bar – a snack bar in a hut that serves hawaiian snacks
  • Il Patio Restaurant – serves anything Italian like pasta, etc.
  • Bamboo Restaurant

Unfortunately, Dakak does not offer room service so you cannot have your food delivered to your casita. However, as a VIP guest, you will have the means to use the complimentary van and pick up the food instead.


Villa Angelina Casita Suite

Wondering what’s inside the Casita Cliff of Villa Angelina? Let’s take a closer look!

  • One King-size bed: Two lamps on each side and bedside table, bedroom benches
  • Lounge area with couch, glass table, comfy rocking chair, and a soft floor mattress
  • Working Area: executive chair, LED tv, study lamp
  • Mini dining area for two
  • Wall closet: Clothe Iron and Rack, Money Safe Box, Umbrella, Clothes Hanger, Laundry Bag, Two Pairs of Flipflop Slippers
  • Pantry Cabinet: Mini Refrigerator, two Glass Wines, ice bucket, heater, two sets of fine dining plateware, cup and saucer set, water goblet glass
  • Bathroom: Wall Bathroom Mirror, Rain Shower, Rattan Laundry Basket—with: one full set of bathing liquids, hair dryer, shaving kits, dental kits, shower caps, body scrub, and lots of Towels in various sizes

  • Balcony: Jacuzzi with free bubble liquid, Outdoor Dining Set, Reclining Beach Chairs
  • Small Homely Backyard


ROOM RATES (net per room)

To experience this kind of luxury vacation, one question that always comes first in our mind is,”How much is the room rate in Villa Angelina Luxury Suites?”

  • Casita Beachfront – PHP 18, 000
  • Casita Cliff A – PHP 21, 500 and Cliff B – PHP 20, 500
  • Casa Beachfront B – PHP 21, 500
  • Casa Beachfront A – PHP 23, 000

It comes with the following inclusions when you avail one casita:

  • One (1) night accommodation for two (2) persons
  • Breakfast for two (2) persons)
  • Fully consumable mini-bar drinks
  • Welcome drinks and lei
  • Complimentary pick up and drop off (within Dapitan and Dipolog only)
  • Wine and cold cuts
  • One time complimentary Gloria’s Fantasyland tickets for two (2)
  • Complimentary foot massage
  • Free access to beach and infinity swimming pool

Add PHP3, 500 for Extra Person


Reservation and Contact Details

Planning your next vacation? Reserve you dream getaway and stay at the most luxurious resort with a service that fits for a royalty at the premier hideaway in Dapitan City — the Villa Angelina Luxury Resort at Dakak Park and Beach Resort.

Mobile Numbers

Globe – (+63) 905 3152 600

Smart – (+63) 921 5903 377

For more information and bookings, you may also reach them at their official website —

Email: or go to

Facebook: @dakakvillaangelina

Instagram: @villanagelinaluxurysuites

Here’s a travel video summary of my 1-week trip in Dapitan City

I’ve heard a lot of things from other people of what they think about Mindanao especially in Zamboanga Peninsula. They think that this province is nothing but all just mountains and seas. It is! In fact, I don’t deny it and won’t ever complain because we are rich with culture, people, and nature. The beauty of it is our own luxury and it will never ever going to replace their high-rise buildings in the cities.

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  • Blair Villanueva
    September 9, 2021

    If I am not mistaken, Dakak has been a famous destination back in the 90s. This resort looks so spectacular and luxurious! Okay, I want to visit this place like AAP.

  • Savannah
    July 25, 2021

    Love love love the rooms! And your photos are all bomb ❤️‍? Upon seeing this blog I immediately checked their page on Facebook and saw that they are on a promo!! Php 9,990 na lang for that same room ? Now im already booked and set to visit next month. So excited! Thank you for the thorough recommendation!

  • May 28, 2021

    Whoa! My kind of luxury vacation! The warm jacuzzi plus bubble bath was such an interesting experience already. I would love to have that kind of vacay. One day, soon.

    • June 9, 2021

      Soon pag medyo okay na mag travel, my home province has a lot to offer talaga! 😀

  • May 27, 2021

    grabeh, exchange life for one week pls? ahahha! I love all your travel posts but this one takes the cake. the luxury wing with that jacuzzi! the casita (which is uber expensive and is really for high-end vacationers), the infinity pool, the spa!!! love them all. wish na lang ako neto.

  • Blair villanueva
    May 27, 2021

    This resort is definitely impressive! I’ll save this to my Google Map coz we are keen to explore more regional areas when we get back to the Philippines.

  • Rae
    May 26, 2021

    Sabores delmar kinda lookes like mini island beaches in Bora noh? I’d love to try the spa there! Also, ang dami pala pwede pa pasyalan sa Dipolog! Hay I love Pinas!

  • Hyejin
    May 22, 2021

    Bet ko dito magbakasyon sis! I really to save a lot for this para maexperience ko naman ang luxury wing nila.
    By the way, really love your shot in that jacuzzi!

    • May 24, 2021

      Grabe I never even imagined na ma-experience ‘to kahit taga dito lang ako 😀 Pero gusto ko mapag-ipunan din at bumalik na pure vacation talaga at hindi work hahaha me too! Super love the jacuzzi shot pero my most favorite din ‘tong area na to sa buong resort.

  • May 20, 2021

    First of all, super bet ko yung #OOTD mo – lakas maka summer! ❤️

    Before the first lockdown I planned to go back to Mindanao (I grew up in Davao City) particularly, in Zamboanga to visit Santa Cruz Island. When I told my sister about it, she mentioned Dakak Beach Resort – mas excited pa siya mag kwento sa akin. She’s been there and she has nothing but wonderful things to say. Lalo ako na excite upon reading this post! Villa Angelina Luxury Suites – I wouldn’t mind mag self-isolate dito (though medyo maharlika ang price).

    PS: Ang breathtaking ng Sabores Del Mar!! ???

  • May 20, 2021

    ghooorl kala ko si elen adarna ka!!!!!! soo pretty! pero ang shala shala nitong villa na ito!! pero napakaganda!! goals makarating dito!

  • May 20, 2021

    Wow. Everything looks like a million bucks!! Would super enjoy a weekend away there. Hope we can pay a visit some time huhu

  • May 19, 2021

    Dakak was famous before Boracay developed. It was a haven for releasing stress from a crowded city. Thank you for bringing back the almost forgotten beauty of Dakak. It’s surely missed now because of Covid.


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