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Living the island life in #CampAliguay means beautiful sunrise, bike tour, scuba diving, bonfire by the beach, and a lot more. The way of life in the island is much slower, but time seems to be moving fast. So, here’s a 2022 travel guide and the things that you can do to maximize your island adventure in Aliguay Island, Dapitan City.

Aliguay island is a small island in Dapitan City located about an hour boat ride away from Dakak Park and Beach Resort. The island boasts of its calm, serene vibes with rich natural resources, heartwarming locals, white sand, and heavenly blue waters. The vast and alluring clear water of the Sulu Sea is a sight to see as you cruise by and if you get lucky, dolphins may jump in the fun along with the boat with you.

10 Best Things to do in Aliguay Island

The island is surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs. It is under the custody of the Philippine Navy and is an established marine sanctuary. However, there are still a lot of activities that you can do in Aliguay so you can maximize your stay. Here are best thing to do in Aliguay Island, Dapitan City.

PRO TIP: Stay overnight! Trust me, it’s worth it.

1. Take a photo in the “I ❤️ Aliguay”

Just like in any other destinations we go to, taking a picture in a landmark name of the place feels like mandatory. For me, it’s my way to remember that I was there and Aliguay Island just has that. My featured image above will give you an idea how big it is. As you can see, I stand as an “I’ of the word Aliguay.

2. Rent a bike for PHP50 to tour the island

This is one of the many things that I love to do when I’m in the island. I even imagined myself living there and just having my bicycle with me when I go out and do errands. The fifty pesos rent of the bike is a single round tour regardless of the hours that it’s gonna take you to go around. It’s a point to point basis. To do this, just ask any locals on where to rent a bike.

3. Bonfire by the beach

The best way to enjoy the calm, serene vibes of the island at night is to gather near the bonfire. Locals usually do this because the island has no electricity so once the generator supply is off by 9PM, they make bonfire by the beach, gather around it and hang out. There are tourist that brings guitar and just enjoy the night singing under the stars.

4. Bring a tent and camp out

Aliguay Island is best enjoyed with your family and friends if you camp out. The long stretch of the beach is a safe place to setup a camping tent and stay in the night. If you drink though, drink moderately so you won’t be sleeping on the sand overnight like what I’ve done. I have to say it’s one of my most memorable experience in the island.

5. Book a scuba diving experience at Dakak Aqua Sports

Much of the island is under the management of Dakak Park and Beach Resort. If you want a closer look at the marine life around Aliguay Island, they offer scuba diving packages. Since Dakak is the only diving center in Zamboanga del Norte with a certified Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) member, I highly recommend you to take the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course to get the feel of scuba diving.

These are the following inclusions of different dive price packages offere in Dakk Aqua Sports:

  • ₱3,510 – Discover Scuba Diving Course (w/ certificate) + overnight fee in Aliguay Island + boat fee & tent
  • ₱3,285 – Certified Diver (2 Dives w/ certificate) + overnight fee in Aliguay Island + boat fee & tent
  • ₱650 – for joiners overnight fee in Aliguay Island if you have friends with you + boat fee & tent

This price packages can only be availed if you use my code MISSKHAE10DIVE for 10% discount per package.

6. Play a beach volleyball

Whether you have the skills or not, beach volleyball is a fun sport if you’re looking to enjoy some sun and sand in the island. You may bring a ball with you or you may rent one in Tacubo Restaurant since this beach court is just in front of the restaurant.

7. Enjoy a walk in the coastline

A walk in the long stretch of beach coastline of Aliguay is something that I have neglected the first time I got there. The view is way different when you’re in a bike tour than actually seeing it and feeling the sand on your toes. I highly suggest to do this during sunrise or sunset because the island of Aliguay got one of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset ever!

8. Seafood trip at Tacubo Restaurant

For foodies, there is a Tacubo Restaurant on Aliguay Island with seafood dishes as specialty. The island is rich with seafoods, like blue crabs and different kind of shell food. There are also big fishes that locals are selling to the tourist and usually when you buys one, they grilled it themselves and they just served it to you.

Aliguay is also famous for a local dish called fresh SuTuKil — a 3-recipe meal of a fish. “Sugba” means grilled fish, “Tula” is a kind of soup fish and “Kilaw” means a diced fish cooked in a venigar with lots of spices.

9. Sunrise picnic and coffee

As a person who’s such a sucker of beautiful sunrise and a coffee addict, I included this one on the list because I have seen the tranquility of Aliguay in the morning. The first sip of coffee is the most wonderful feeling! It feels hopeful and calm.

10. Get on that swing!

Aliguay Island did a very good job in building landmarks in the island that makes Aliguay a memorable experience for everyone. No, this swing isn’t just for couples only even though some would call it a couple swing. Well, get on that swing as a badass independent person who doesn’t need anyone to be happy. Swing your heart away!

How to get To Aliguay Island

VIA BOAT. There are a few departure areas that you can choose from when going to Aliguay Island. You just need to coordinate this setup at the Dapitan City Tourism Office or with the concerned area. I’m listing down below some choices!

  • If you’re a check-in guest at Dakak or Villa Angelina Luxury Suites, the resort has its own boat transfer going to the island. It’s easy because you’ll depart from Dakak Port itself and they have shuttle van to take you there. Dakak Park and Beach Resort also offers transfer via chopper going to the island in corresponding prices. You may inquire directly at the front office of the resort.
  • Dakak Port. However, if you’re not a check-in guest, you may directly contact Dakak Aqua Sports for possible schedule of their travel and look for Mr. Elmer Yongco.
  • Taguilon Port in Dapitan City.
  • Dampa at Inato Lang where you can have a breakfast before departing.
  • If departing from Dipolog City, there are boat operators that cater passengers from Dipolog River Park going to Aliguay Island.

The weather condition matters on each of this departure areas. Since it’s a 1-hour boat ride, there are instances of big waves during your journey. But, you have nothing to worry. All boat operators will give proper advise about this.

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  • May 7, 2022

    First time I heard this place. Now I have a reason and assurance of making my travel here the best with the guides you shared. Thank you!

  • May 6, 2022

    ang daming pwedeng gawin! question do they have bikes na pwede mag angkas or side car? do they also have other accommodations or tents lang talaga or pang day tour lang?

  • Wendyflor
    February 5, 2022

    You’re living the great island life. Those are simple things to do pero you make it exciting. I’m sure lalo na with family and friends.

  • Blair Villanueva
    February 4, 2022

    Thanks for introducing Aliguay Island to us, this is the first time heard about this beautiful island. It seems a great place to relax away from the city, and explore the more local community.

  • February 3, 2022

    First time i heard of this place and there’s just so many things to do!!! Everything just looks so fun. A bike ride sound about what i need right now.

  • February 3, 2022

    Hi. I’ve been reading the part on how to get there…that would not be coming from Manila, or does it? Cause we badly. need a vacation but we have no car, so we’re trying to find one that’s accessible for us.


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