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LEGAZPI ALBAY TRAVEL GUIDE: Mayon Volcano and 6 Best Things To Do

Legazpi City which is popularly known as the City of Fun and Adventure, is the home of the world-famous Mount Mayon — a perfect-cone shaped volcano and also the most active one in the Philippines. Legazpi is a capital of the Province of Albay in the Bicol Region offering a fusion of nature, adventure, culture experience, and delicious must-try cuisines with locals that warmly welcomes you.

Why travel to Legazpi City in Albay? Simple, because of Mount Mayon. As a first time tourist in Legazpi, even before the plane has landed, I was wowed by the greatness of Mayon even though I only saw the tip of it through the window of an airplane at 6 AM.

There is no other way that I can explain the feeling of seeing something famous and historical. It was an emotional experience for me ’cause I only see it in Philippine history books and the glimpse of it felt unreal.

6 Best Things To Do in Legazpi City, Albay

Legazpi maybe famous for Mount Mayon, but I was surprised about everything that I have experienced. While the purpose wasn’t actually to tour Legazpi, I had a great adventure in a short span of time. Given the time constraints, here are the best things to do that I did in Legazpi, Albay.

1. MAYON VOLCANO ATV ADVENTURE – Best Thing To Do in Legazpi

Mount Mayon being the must-see and the top tier attraction in Legazpi, I need to gaze at it in the best way possible that I can. The only way that you can feast your eyes on looking her majesty is through an ATV adventure.

Mayon Volcano ATV adventure is the best thing to do in Legazpi. I booked the Mount Mayon SkyDrive ATV Experience through Klook. Regardless if you have tried ATV before or not, you will be practicing for a couple of minutes on the ground practice area before going to your chosen trail.

I chose the Skydrive grassland trail for ₱500 in 20-30 minutes activity time ’cause I just want to take photos of Mayon. But I highly suggest to book its best selling Skydrive Combo Trail in 50-60 minutes for ₱1,250. You will be passing through the extreme route of Sykdrive river, then go to snake trail, and then Cagsawa Forest Trail. I know it’s worth it.

2. CAGSAWA RUINS — Best Tourist Attraction in Legazpi

To be able to see Mount Mayon is already overwhelming but the sight of it with another historical landmark in Cagsawa Ruins Park was beyond breathtaking.

Cagsawa Ruins is the best tourist attraction in Legazpi. It is located just outside the city of Daraga. Being the most popular tourist destination, this is where you can spend so much of your time taking photos, doing activities, shopping souvenirs, and try authentic Bicol food. It has an environmental fee of ₱20 for adult.

3. DARAGA CHURCH — Best Church in Legazpi

The best view of Mount Mayon is when you’re in Daraga Church. If you’re lucky enough that she’s not hiding behind the clouds, you’ll get the perfect parallel eye level of her. This late 18th century church is standing there as a sign of unwavering faith of Bicolanos and their resilience.

Situated on a hilltop with a commanding view of Mayon Volcano, Daraga Church is one of the most visited churches in Albay. It is also known as Our Lady of the Gate or the church of Nuestra Senora de la Porteria and has been declared a National Cultural Treasure in 2007 and a National Historical Landmark in 2008. With those recognitions, Daraga Church must be on top of your list when you visit Legazpi.


The NM Bicol Regional Museum (National Museum Bicol) is located next to the Cagsawa Church Ruins, a National Cultural Treasure (NCT).

Its exhibitions will feature the unique geological landscapes of Bicol that will underscore the marvels of Mayon. The museum is open everyday except Monday. If you have plan on visiting Bicol Regional museum, I advise to not schedule your Cagsawa Ruins Park that falls on Monday It saves you lots of time. Admission is free plus you get to visit their butterfly garden just beside the museum.


Bicol is known for dishes that owe its texture and creaminess to coconut milk (gata) and its spicy kick to chilis. The food culture in Bicol region has much excitement to offer that’s why it’s a gastronomic adventure I didn’t miss in Legazpi.

Among the best of Bicol is the Pinangat. This one is made of fish or shrimp wrapped in gabi or yam leaves and cooked in, of course, coconut milk. Bicol

How To Get To Legazpi CITY, Albay?

Getting Around the City of Legazpi

Finding transportation is fairly easy in the city of Legazpi. Public utility vehicles such as tricycles, jeepneys, UV Express vans, and taxis are available. Good news to travelers that loves to pay extra just to be convenient, Grab car is now fully operational in Legazpi City. The grab fare from Bicol International Airport to an Airbnb in Daraga, Legazpi is around ₱400 – ₱500. It’s way cheaper than taking taxi honestly.

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  • Wendyflor
    April 1, 2023

    that’s a beautiful Mayon and a beautiful you. Glad to see new angles of the volcano and of the church. I haven’t been there. How I wish I could travel there someday.

  • Blair Villanueva
    March 31, 2023

    Legazpi and the whole Albay is beautiful. I used to live there during my university days and I love it. But one thing that makes me keep on coming back to Legazpi is not actually the Mayon Volcano, but the people I’ve met through the years. I love dining to this small food kiosk that serve comfort food (lugaw with eggs) each night near Albay Astrodome. Food is indeed making the place standout.

  • March 30, 2023

    naway makapunta din ako dito. ang gaganda ng shots! ka inggit. mapapa sana all ka talaga. The bicol express for me din haha!


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