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TRES COFFEE CO: A Totally Different Coffee Experience in Ozamis City

Tres Coffee Co is the fastest growing coffee shop in Ozamis City, and for good reason. This one-year old coffee shop is a sister company of Barra Barista that offers a totally different experience compared to others in the city. It’s a haven for those who are coffee enthusiasts, appreciate good food, and people who love aesthetic and instagrammable place.

I love that their menu is diverse and caters to various tastes and preferences. They serve brunch, daily deli, rice bowl, pasta, afternoon delight, coffee, and non-coffee beverages. The menu alone is enough to make anyone want to visit this coffee shop.

What To Eat and Drink in Tres Coffee

One of the things that stand out about Tres Coffee is their attention to detail. Every dish on the menu is carefully crafted, and the presentation is impeccable *chef kiss*. The coffee served at Tres Coffee is of high quality, with a variety of blends and flavors to choose from. The staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about the different types of coffee, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible cup. They offer a range of coffee-based beverages, including lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos, as well as iced drinks for hot summer days.

Are you visiting Tres Coffee for the first time and don’t know what to order? Here are my personal favorites.

“French toast” is highly recommended for breakfast. It’s a pan fried bread, seasoned with cinnamon-sugar, served with butter and maple syrup. For daily deli, “Beef Brisket Burger” is a must. While “Poké Bowl” is one of their most popular rice bowl. It’s full of healthy fats, protein, and fresh vegetables served on top of bed of steamed rice. But please, you must also try their “Katsu Curry”. As a first time visitor, do not forget to try their “TRES Signature Coffee Pasta” as well.

The Look and Vibe of Tres Coffee

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be impressed by the aesthetic, minimalistic design that’s both elegant and Instagram-worthy. If you’re a fan of taking beautiful photos, then you will love the look and vibe of Tres Coffee.

Tres Coffee is a two-story building that features a wood and white interior, with a combination of wooden furniture that creates a cozy yet modern vibe. The ambiance inside is homey and inviting, making it not just the perfect spot to catch up with friends but it’s a perfect addition to your instagram feed.

One of the best things about Tres Coffee is that it offers free Wi-Fi, which is almost probably a necessity nowadays, making it a great coffice and get some work done. As a digital nomad, you know having an internet connection wherever I go is a must. The WiFi is not voucher-limited and that makes it the best workplace for me. Tres is also pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along for the ride.

Tres Coffee Co is a must-visit spot in Ozamis City. Whether you’re looking for a cozy place to hang out with friends and family, catch up on work, or just enjoy a great cup of coffee, this coffee shop has it all. With its pet-friendly atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, and delicious drinks and snacks, it’s no wonder that Tres Coffee is quickly becoming one of the city’s most popular hangout spots.

I personally asked the owner of Tres Coffee, Vincent Regidor, why they decided to put up a coffee shop in Ozamis City. Here’s what he said…

Tres Coffee Co’s creation is a passion-driven business. We recognized the opportunity and potential to establish a premiere coffee shop to introduce an exceptional standard of coffee beverages for coffee enthusiasts in Ozamis City.

Get the First Dip About Tres Coffee by Following their Social Media

Even just existing for a year in Ozamis City, Tres Coffee has a wide digital presence. You can easily search for them online.

Address: Purok 3, Bongbong, Ozamiz, Philippines
Contact Number: 0995 519 7190

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  • April 1, 2023

    I’m super curious to go and try this coffee shop, but it’s so far away. I’m kinda sick of always going to stabucks every week tbh.


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