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A hidden gastrononomical gem, Barra Barista is nestled peacefully in a quite neighborhood in Barra, Dipolog City. Away from the hustle of the city, this cozy coffee shop offers a nice haven where you can indulge in affordable local snacks, pastries, desserts, and a cup of hot or cold coffee while having a deep, good chat with your long time, maybe newfound friends. It’s a wonderful place to unwind whether in a sunny or rainy days.

Barra Barista is a new cafe hangout that you’d really enjoy and get comfortable in. It gives you that stateside comfort. Here are some of the things that I personally love about this place!

1. The ambiance is cozy and instagram-worthy.

Stepping into the cafe, my attention has drawn inevitably to the mesmerizing display of almost everything in the bar service area. From the very well-organized cups, bottle mixes, displayed local snacks, creative menu wall…everything is just aesthetically-pleasing to my eyes.

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Not to mention that it’s one of the most instagrammable area inside the cafe where you get the most of the natural light which is of course, great for selfies.

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The contrasting tone of black & white walls decorated with hanging plants and artworks, wooden floor, cozy couches, and a reading nook with free books to read is a kind of interior design I live for. This place is so me. As what I’ve always say, I love anything minimalist because having less is more.

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The reading nook is by far my most favorite corner of Barra Barista because I love to read. Here’s a collection of my books and apeek of my favorites. The couch is very comfortable and they have the best genres of books to read for free. I highly recommend the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy even though you’ve already seen the movie adaptation of it. I personally love its story.

2. Great choices of food and drinks.

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Their menu varies from caffeinated hot and cold drinks, but they also serve smoothies and tea, to a well-thought choices of sandwiches, and on-site display of sweet & pastries + local snack delicacies as well. We stan for locals that are supporting locals!

Every item on the menu can be purchased for a hundred pesos below except if you want a bigger size for your drinks. That’s pretty affordable if you ask me, given the homely feels of the place.

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I got myself a mocha cookie crumble and a cheesy tuna melt. A perfect combi in a hot afternoon w/ a growling stomach. Oh, I also had a suman.

Wait, there’s more!

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I would like to mention their DIY cheesecakes that I never get to try. And I am certainly coming back for this one! So, the concept is they have this naked cheesecake and you get to dress it by choosing one spill from white or dark chocolate, strawberry or caramel, and one choice of sprinkle from oreo crumbs, crushed almonds or walnuts, diced cashew or rice crisps. Aaa that would probably be so satisfying!

Seeing my photos, I should have tried the oats and fudge!

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3. They have eco-friendly merch available.

  • Bamboo Straws. They have two sizes available that you can choose from and it ranges from 25-40 pesos.
  • Tote Bags. I’m not sure about the price but I’m linking their contact information below.
  • Reusable Cups. Price ranges from 400-450 pesos. You’ll get your first hot drink for FREE and by using this reusable cup on your next purchase, you’ll then get a 10% discount on their hot drinks. I must say, that’s an advantage for coffee lovers.

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Great place for coffee lovers. Friendly staff and expert barista. Best place to study, meetings and hangout with friends. Spacious and blog-worthy.

Mark Darcy Roda, Content Creator

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Contact & Ratings

Location: Zamora St., Barra, Dipolog City
Contact: 0956 086 3312
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday | 1:00 to 10:00 PM
Instagram: @barra.barista

Overall Ratings:

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How About You?

  • Are you a coffee lover?
  • What are the things that you like the most in a coffee shop?

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  1. I am missing coffee shops like this big time since quarantine!!!

  2. […] like in Barra Barista, the bar service area is also one of its most instagrammable spot. You can actually take stunning […]

  3. Wow. Ig worthy cafes are a must-try. But what makes it stand out are those eco-friendly merch they sell.

    1. Andami ng IG worth cafes ngayon that I want to try. And we love eco-friendly merch! It’s a way to take care of the world we live in! :))

  4. IG-worthy nga MissKhae, and I love that they have eco-friendly straws and cups

  5. Khae!! Congrats sa pag move! Haha. This is it! Pero wait, hindi ko na ito pwed ifollow para lumabas sa WordPress reader ko??

    1. Thank youuu, Renel! This is it na talagaaaa :)) Ayun lang, hindi na yata ako lalabas sa WordPress reader. Kaya nga para updated parin ako sa posts mo, I subscribed to your blog nalang via email updates. 😀

      1. Good atmosphere from the photos!

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