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Moto Brew: A Resto-Café for All Walks of Life in Dipolog

With its tagline “Moto Rides, Brew Vibes”, the Moto Brew is a resto-cafe shop by Saga Motors situated in the heart of semi-urban area in the Saga Complex of National Highway Sta. Isabel, Dipolog City. It is a favorite hangout place not just for car lovers, but to every Dipolognon from all walks of life.

I have always wanted to visit the place after seeing a lot of my friends posting photos ever since it opened and there are really good reviews about it. It was Thursday 10AM, I was with my younger brother looking for a nice place to work in that has of course great food because he had to study then and I had to work.

As soon as I stepped into the shop, we are warmly welcomed by the staffs with a smile. I like warm welcomes even though I get so shy to smile back. It just gives me that positive vibes. So, even with all the stressful deadlines in my mind, that welcome has calmed me down.

The setting and tone inside is a beautiful combination of neutral colors and it’s the first thing that I loved about it. My minimalist self is screaming because I fancy things that are very simple, clean, and beautiful. Every table gives you a clear view outside because of the high-ceiling glass walls. You can see the clear damn sky and it’s gorgeous (of course especially when it’s sunny). But if you’re a pluvophile or a rain lover, imagine the rain dripping on that wall as you feel the warm of a hot cup of latte in your hands. Ha! Okay, that’s just my inner tumblr girl self! ?

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The parking lot is very spacious, too. How convenient that is! Not to mention that it is easy to locate because it’s just in a national highway. I’m not gonna deny my love for anything convenient.

The menu offers a wide variety of delicious starters, main course dishes, beverages, and desserts specially made for youngsters and adults. I had a rice bowl of Adobo Flakes paired with a good latte. God knows how much I like rice bowls. I could eat it everyday! ? Their staffs are full of warmth and very thoughtful of their guests. A bit of detail, but I like it when my glass of water gets a refill even without asking them. I mean, that’s just very attentive! I have to commend it. Also, they know the menu really well.

The food are really exquisite, I tell you!

I also love how the place gives a homey feeling. It has a WiFi with a 1hour limit, which is perfectly okay with me. Because that’s how it should be, right? A coffee shop should not be perceived as a place where we can access unlimited internet connection, rather it should be a place where we can reconnect with the people we are with. And for working people like me who’s always extending my home office to a coffee shop, I just simply love having the comfort of home in a different environment.

Oh, and I have to appreciate the minimalist style of their comfort room as well— it’s pretty roomy and has a human-sized mirror that you can take a whole body selfie with. But in contrast, it gives me an anxiety that it has a single comfort room for everyone. Not a big deal, really. That’s just me and my thoughts of wether I have locked the door or not then some guy would suddenly barged in. ?

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Because of the brilliant atmosphere, instagram-worthy place and delicious food service, I highly recommend going to Moto Brew. Bring your family, your friends, maybe the love of your life? (if any ?) or come alone and treat yourself, it’s a wonderful place where you wouldn’t feel like you’re so alone and out of place.

Moto Brew by Saga Motors

ADDRESS: National Highway, Sta. Isabel, SAGA Complex Dipolog City
OPEN HOURS: Monday to Sunday | 7AM-11PM
CONTACT: 0938 000 6961 | 908-0633

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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