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Get lost in the wonderland at Chapters Book Café

If you love to read books, then people, this is the best nook book in the Orchid City. The place has, by far, the most artractive, has the most enchanting colorful designs and decorations, and probably one of the most instagram-worthy cafe in the city. It will bring you into a new world where you can escape reality for a while and be like Alice who fell into the deep hole going to the wonderland. This place is like a dream — a one of a kind here in the Orchid City. It should be in everyone’s checklist especially if you’re a bibliophile, you must go here.


What’s on their menu? Well they have Italian soda, milkshakes and frappe. They also serve the most love desserts like banana split, halo-halo, mais con hielo, chocolate parfait, and sans rival silvanas. If you’re more into Filipino food, they have spaghetti – the Filipino style, or you can add more like nachos, French toast, club sandwich and waffle combos.



You gotta try their overloaded chocolate! Dayum! (Photo by Mateo Villafuerte)

This book café is also selling cute stuff perfect for DIYs, like book clip marks, and all other things used for scrapbooks and room decorations. They have a mini grocery filled with lollipops, candies, and chips


And the best of all, LOTS OF FREE BOOKS for you to read. From the famous Little Prince which is really perfect for kids, book novels for teenagers, to poetry authors like Lang Leav. Sounds cool, right? Because yes it is cool. You can also donate any of your books here. It’s just so wonderful to know that there are places like this who encourage kids to read. I mean, in the generation today where technology seems taking over this kind of hobby, it’s important for younger generation to understand how stories work too. I believe reading is till one the best kind of entertainment there is.


And here’s one thing that I love most here — the books hanging on the wall! This cafe is really embodying their storybook theme. I don’t know it’s just so relaxing to watch them up there, like, you want it on your own bedroom too.



The interiors are really sophisticated and playful. It makes you want to dream more. Ahhh! I am so in love with this place. Aside from hanging books, I love the upside down objects on the ceiling, the luggage on the wall, and murals all over the place. There are quotes from the book, The Little Prince, painted in the wall. And I love how the furniture comes in various sizes and colors.



+If you’ll get to visit Dipolog City, drop by and check out this amazing book cafe. It’s like when you passed through the doors, everything become so magical. You will truly find yourself lost in a storybook with Alice, like, you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open.

For inquiries and food updates, like them on their official Facebook account.

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