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CRISTOBAL CASA COSINA: A Restaurant in Dipolog City That Offers Heritage-DriveN Dishes

Dipolog is becoming a food city — you can find cuisines, crafty and old-fashioned cafes around the metro. And from the cheapest pizza slices to expensive meals with an exceptional customer service, it also has food to cover your tight budget.

Where to eat next? Cristobal Casa Cosina is the newest casual, yet fine-dining place in the city. They serve delightful food. From appetizers to meal platters worth-drooling at, and most dishes aren’t so foreign to you because it has a pinoy taste on it. It tastes like home that keeps you coming back. The place looks classy with a very nice ambiance. Not to mention that it’s Instagram-worthy, too. It’s a must-dine when you’re in Dipolog City.

I really enjoyed my first visit here. I just love the place so much. ‘Twas more like love at first sight. A beautiful dining place is really a plus for me and I wouldn’t min to have my meal here three times a day. I just wish they could expand their menu content given the fact that their food are highly tempting, I’m sure their food snacks is to die for.

We ordered the best seller Seafood Kare-Kare. I am especially fond of seafood dishes. I didn’t even know such dish is possible because when I hear Kare-Kare, it’s probably chicken. Man, you need to try this! This seafood recipe has more complexity-based ingredient pairings than the usual kare-kare that I’ve tasted whilst maintaining its simplicity. It’s really delicious. All this at an incredible price point too.


“We, at Cristobal Casa Cocina, take pride in honoring that tradition of home-cooked dishes, all while putting a fresh spin on old family favorites.”

Cristobal Casa Cosina
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Cristobal has  served me another excellent meal this week. The pinoy-taste recipes are spot-on, everything on the plate is presented with good balance of flavour. Dishes are cooked well, seasoned well, and they served it with a smile.


I also love the idea of customized chopping board carved their brand name on it. It makes Cristobal, Cristobal. They made it their best trademark.


This place is incredibly nice, you see. The grandeur and plainness of its design makes it looks minimalist. I love how they made it simple but very sophisticated as well.

Cristobal Casa Cosina is open everyday from 10:30AM – 2:30PM and from 5:30PM – 9:30PM. They are on Magsaysay Street, just beside Chlisy Craft Cafe.

They made it! They have definitely given their customers an excellent dining experience each time, all the time. I am so looking forward to a return visit.

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