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Veranda: Experience a Vintage Lifestyle in a 1960s House Converted Resto

In today’s world of modernization from infrastructures to the many ways of convenient-buying and all that is instant like clothing and food where everything can be delivered at your doorstep, it’s nice that there are places like Veranda that makes you want to get out of bed and experience a new home with home-cooked food in someone else’s home.

This Bistro Cafe Bar gives you the taste of what it is like to be in a two-storey and a well-preserved Filipino ancestral house wherein you can just unwind, watch the busy streets from along the outside of a house, and experience their ancestor’s dwellings. It’s like traveling back in time and you wouldn’t want to trade that leisure for anything else that is just instagrammable!

Besides, I love anything vintage.

With so many recently developed coffee shops and bistros in Dipolog City, the first thing I personally love is a homey place. Veranda is located at Arellano Street and as you go in, it’s like you’re visiting a great grandparent’s house– the ones where you used to play in as a child. I love how they never modernized the place too much, but it’s only redecorated and they just give emphasis to its beautiful, vintage feature. The authenticity is there. I think that what makes it even more enticing!

Their wood furniture pieces give an additional timeless element to the house. It makes the place comfortable, slightly rustic, yet simultaneously sleek and polished.

It was 3pm in a hot afternoon and I needed something refreshing that would quench my thirst and at the same time enjoy a good snack, so I ordered one of their best selling flat bread pizza called the Mango Tuna Sriracha (It’s spicy because of the sriracha sauce but it’s hella good) and a glass of chocolate milkshake. I had to commend their service water though because it’s not just a typical water. They squeezed in an amount of lemon which is my go-to detox drink. And that my friend is a service water that is I think, a new in Dipolog! I loved it.

I wish I could’ve tried a lot more of their food. Their menu has a vast of varieties to choose from. They have food starters, rice bowls (which is my favorite of all time), flat bread pizza, pasta, all-day breakfast that ranges from Php50 to Php180. Yes I know, it’s affordable! They serve drinks like milkshakes, cocktails & mixes, beers, shots & bottles, and wines. I am definitely going back!

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Sharing a short and funny story. Long years ago, me and my brother had thought about putting up a business also called Veranda. A cafe painted in white and designed with hanging green plants. It was very minimalist and we already had everything set up in mind. We were students back then when we discussed about it. Until years later, I’m already blogging about Veranda which isn’t ours. LOL! That’s just crazy! 😀

To wrap it all up, it was a really fun visit and experience. I had a great time chilling at the veranda with my brother and just reminiscing about childhood. I highly recommend the place because they also serve great food and I would definitely include it on my favorites.

I simply love the idea of converting an ancestral house to a resto. It’s amazing!

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Veranda Bistro Cafe Bar

ADDRESS: Arellano Street, Dipolog City
OPEN HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday | 11AM to 9PM
FOR RESERVATION:  0908 177 3714

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  • February 22, 2020

    Why do i always forget na you’re not from Manila nga pala? Haha. Hoping to visit Dipolog soon!

    • Misskhae
      February 25, 2020

      Hahaha 😀 Layo layo ko nga eh! Hoyyy (wow maka hoy naman ako HAHA) onga bisita ka ng Dipolog. Pero di nga pag may time ka. Marami rami rin naman mapapasyalan yata dito hahaha yata kasi di ako sure balak ko pa puntahan mga pasyalan 😀 HAHAHA

      • February 27, 2020

        ‘Pag pumunta ako dyan, imeet mo ako! Hahaha.

        • Misskhae
          March 1, 2020

          SYEMPRE NOH! hahahaha kainis naeexcite ako anobayan! So ano kelan yan? HAHAHA

          • March 4, 2020

            Hahaha. Mag backpacking sana kami sa May eh! Isasama ko sana sa itinerary. Kaso wala pa pala kaming budget. Dami bayarin. Huhuuuu. So baka di matuloy. :((((

  • February 21, 2020

    Wow. It’s realky cute

    • Misskhae
      February 22, 2020

      Oo super! 🙂 Parang nasa bahay ako ng lola ko eh 😀


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