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Come Home to Café Nicasio: A Taste of Dipolog History In A Cup of Homebrewed Coffee

Cafés in Dipolog City are emerging so fast that it makes me feel proud to be living in such a wonderful and progressing city. Being someone who loves coffee and as a digital nomad that needs to work from anywhere else makes these café even more convenient.

Coffee becomes a huge part of my daily life even though to some, it’s just a morning staple. So, I took some time to roam around Dipolog to explore and discover cafés that serves the best home-brewed and specialty coffee with delicious food meals. That’s when I found Café Nicasio, the home of the best coffee in town with a great history to tell and can also be enjoyed by people who loves coffee a little less.

About Café Nicasio

Before we get into the nitty gritty about the place, Café Nicasio is beyond the business stuff because it is deeply rich with amazing history that is worth sharing to everyone. 

coffee shop interior

Café Nicasio is named after the first Filipino Diocesan priest of Mindanao– Rev. Fr. Nicasio Yebes Patangan, a native Dipolognon. 

As a young priest in the 1920’s and the Diocese of Zamboanga being newly established (erected April 1910) Padre Nicasio embarked on several missionary journeys to different places in Mindanao, particularly in the Western and Northern provinces, which brought him to the Misamis Provinces, Camiguin Island, to as far as the Davao Region. Shortly before the Second World War, in the year 1940, he was appointed as Parish Priest of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary church in Dipolog becoming its first Filipino Pastor.

The café is a great remembrance of him as he served as the spiritual shepherd of Dipolognons until his death in 1967. The late Fr. Nicasio Patangan has then become one of the three prominent leaders of Dipolog City. Together with the first mayor and a farmer, a monument was then built in front of the Dipolog City hall in their honour and recognised as one of the city’s tourist landmark today.


The Feels and Interior Look

Located within the heart of the city and just in front of the Provincial Capitol, Café Nicasio is an easy access for all people from different walks of life. From workers to students, sport enthusiasts and by-passers…name it!

This café hangout has an interesting interiors of coffee stained woods combined with dark gray ceiling, wooden furnitures and art walls about Fr. Nicasio Patangan with a vintage, yet modernised feel that speaks the historical part of the place. That’s consistent branding for me if you may ask!

The “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” Wall

This a visual wall of photographs that depicts the  life and works of Fr. Nicasio Yebes Patangan.

wall of framed photos

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam is a latin phrase and the motto of Jesuits that means “all for the greater glory of God”

To live Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam is to lay claim to a legacy of “other-ness” that sets us apart and puts us at ease with any culture or people. A completely integrated other-ness that seeks to make all things whole that approaches the liminal without hesitation, finds God in all things, and seeks to proclaim His glory in all that we do.


framed photos in cafe nicasio
It amazes me how they give life and remember the first diocesan priest that once led the people of Dipolog City to its greatness and introduces him to the generation today through Café Nicasio’s Ad Majorem dei Gloriam wall. Not everyone may have cultural interest like I do, but it’s a wonderful story to know about my home.

Food and Drinks of Café Nicasio

Now let’s talk about food and drinks! My other most favourite thing about this café is the delish food that they serve and the best home-brewed coffee. Café Nicasio attracts coffee & food enthusiasts and non-coffee addicts with their excellent dining experience.

cafe nicasio menu
cafe nicasio menu

They have a wide range of food from salads, sandwiches, pasta and their bestseller breakfast dishes that are perfect for our Filipino taste buds. More meals selections such as wraps for health-conscious people and kimbap are highly recommended as well.

cafe nicasio menu

Look at that extensive selections of drinks of frappe, smoothie, specialty craft coffee, non-coffee drinks, and fruit iced teas. What more could you ask for?

lemon chicken pasta

The Lemon Chicken Pasta didn’t disappoint me on my first visit. It had me looking forward to my next dish and I then ordered Breaded Porkchop for lunch. It was honestly a gastronomic experience!

Café Amenities

A great café means having great amenities as well. The actions they have taken to adapt to the new normal is highly commendable. They set up a hand-washing area on the right side of the café’s facade and it’s almost unnoticeable even in photos.

cafe shop facade
cafe shop welcome board

Just before you enter the café, visitors are welcomed with a cute wooden signboard that says “Please wash your hands before entering” along with other handwritten chalkboard. Even though it’s part of the health protocols while we’re on pandemic, they simply make it like it has always been part of their amenities. That’s pretty amazing!

laptop and coffee shop
A digital nomad-friendly café shop

Café Nicasio is a homey place. From the perspective of someone who has been working home a lot, it’s nice to be in a different home vibe and I like that I always feel welcome and comfortable in this café with their awesome amenities:

  • Wooden tables with free charging outlets (My digital nomad self is happy for this!)
  • Free self-service drinking water
  • WiFi Internet for 1 hour/voucher
  • Comfort room
  • Some free books to read

To add up, I love how customers respect others. It isn’t rowdy and you can’t almost hear the chattering from other tables which makes it more work-friendly. It’s like an office extension in a cozy place. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating. This is my actual experience. That’s why it’s one of my top choice cafés in Dipolog City. 

coffee divider

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cafe nicasio on pinterest

Contact & Ratings

Location: General Luna Street, Corner Marcelo H. del Pilar Street, Estaka Dipolog City
Contact: (065) 918 0699
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday | 9:00AM to 10:00 PM
Instagram: @cafe_nicasio

Overall Ratings:

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  • October 1, 2020

    I also love the vibe I’m getting from the cafe. It’s homey, with a lot of like culture and heritage. I was a little impressed with their menu. Such fancy food for a coffee shop!!! Definitely worth a visit some time in the future!

  • October 1, 2020

    The vibe of the cafe is something that will invite me to work here. I love cafes that incorporate art, history and culture to their designs. Customers would surely love hanging out at this cozy cafe. I also noticed that the prices are very affordable. For less than 200 pesos may food k na!

  • October 1, 2020

    Ganda ng vibes dito. I super love coffee shops with cozy and vintage interiors. Gusto ko tong mapuntahan. Save ko to para di ko makalimutan pag punta kong Dipolog 🙂

  • September 25, 2020

    Love the homey feel of this cafe <3 I'm curious if it's ran by the diocese (or part of the sales go to them) or any of the relatives of Fr. Nicasio? 🙂

  • September 5, 2020

    I find historical cafes very nostalgic talaga! I mean, the number and ages of people who were served with coffee for a very long time. Dagdag pa yung Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. Hay, i wish I could visit this cafe with you Misskhae! :((

  • blair villanueva
    September 5, 2020

    Thanks for sharing another cool café. What captures my interest are the old photographs in their wall. Those got lots of stories to tell.

  • September 4, 2020

    The ambiance of the cafe is really lovely! I enjoyed reading this post a lot especially when you mentioned about the cafe’s history. It’s really refreshing to hear about a cafe having such an interesting history.

  • September 4, 2020

    Ang ganda nung café! Yung tinignan ko yung menu natakam naman ako sa kimbap at wraps.

  • September 4, 2020

    very pretty and dainty naman ng cafe na ito. i bet the lemon chicken pasta is super delicious!!! pictures i can taste ganun!

  • September 4, 2020

    ang ganda ng ambiance ng cafe. i like the overall look and the woods used. are those hard wood? love it! and there;s attention to little details on every wall. just the kind of place i would love to spend time in.

  • Jane
    September 3, 2020

    I love brewed coffee… Ang ganda ng set up… Good thing they put a little wash area…
    Nakakagutom naman yung foods,.. Esp. Kakagising ko lang.. Hehe.. ?

  • Vee Peñero
    September 3, 2020

    Loving the look and feel of the café! Ganda ng vibes. The little wash area is a pretty nifty idea, too! Mejo nagutom ako dun sa Lemon Chicken Pasta… and I hate that it’s 9:30pm right now, too late na for snacking! 🙁


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