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And so, I’m back with another fitness post. This time, I’ll be talking about one of the most talked about workout challenge this quarantine by the recognized Youtube fitness star, Chloe Ting. It has been everyone’s go-to program especially for beginners who only exercise because they are isolated. LOL! But that’s completely okay!

We have all been spending more time at home and we are individually looking for ways to stay healthy. I know that you’re with me about laziness, but we all need to push the stress out of our systems. One of it is to workout.

Personally, I have tried one of her workout videos prior to the lockdown but I have never committed to any of her challenges until now. The great thing about her workout programs is that they are equipment-free, making them relatively home-friendly workouts.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or moderately fit, here are some personal tips, advises and what to expect if you want to do Chloe Ting’s workout programs especially the 2-Week Shred Challenge.

The workout program is 100% FREE!

What not to like about that right? To beginners who don’t have enough budget on personal trainer and gym subscriptions, Chloe Ting has already map out an online exercise itinerary for you, planning your daily workout routine so you don’t have to be stuck on what to do next.

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The 2 Weeks Shred Challenge Program by Chloe Ting

There are more FAQs that were answered on her website, so you might check it out as well.

I honestly fell down to her programs out of curiosity to see if the thousands of transformations online tagged under #chloetingchallenge are really achievable. Despite my doubts, I have given it a try myself and honestly surprised with the result.

Every session is not easy to finish for beginners.

The program consists of 2-3 workout videos per session ranging from 11 to 20 minutes and that makes it around 25 to 40 minutes daily. Depending on your area of concern, you may only do what’s best for your body but as Chloe Ting’s recommendation, you should do all the videos listed on her program.

Most of the videos are particularly challenging for beginners but for people who workout regularly, they’re easy. Doing all three compounded videos in one session is what makes it hard.

I am moderately fit but the challenge had me working up a sweat everyday. The sweats, grunts and pain in every session has made me look forward to seeing myself in the mirror. To see a little improvement each day encourages me to do another complete session the next day.

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FOOD MATTERS! You are what you eat.

Many see this challenge as the gateway to a more active and healthy lifestyle. That includes eating healthy. Every workout is achievable if you eat clean because the food we eat can seriously affect our body. We already know this! Don’t be surprised if you’re not getting a bit of a result when every time you do a session, it also means another pancit canton at night because you feel like you need to reward yourself. Hey, I’m not saying that you need to deprive yourself completely by not eating them. It just needs discipline.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and starting an active, healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean cutting off the rewards for yourself all at once. It’s the willingness to really make a change on your eating habits. Do it slowly, be disciplined until you get used to it.

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Some Tips and Advises

  • Your body feels so much better when you eat protein every after workout. You can eat one boiled egg 15-minute after your body has already cool down.
  • Double your water intake but it has to be at least 2-3 liters a day. Working out has honestly help me to sleep better at night and with more water, it also does wonder to my skin.
  • Workout on time that is best for your energy. I used to workout in the afternoon but the weather gets too hot, it drains my energy. That’s why I tried to do it at around 7 to 9 PM and it’s working more on me because I’m not a morning person.
  • This is optional but if you have a very low energy and it hinders you to finish every session, you can try drinking a black coffee with no sugar 20 minutes before working out. If you don’t palpitate, coffee will help you boost your energy.
  • Good form are a lot better than a ton of reps with bad form. Always do it on your own pace. You don’t have to be simultaneous with Chloe on the video. Just focus on your own form.
  • BE CONSISTENT! The truth is, I have tried the 2-week shred challenge several times already then quit after the 3rd day. And so, I have to do it all over again. Do not be like me! Be consistent. Your hard work will pay off later.
workout body result
This is a 5day body result.

My Result!

The first few days were a mess but as the challenge progressed, I started to felt lighter and way more stronger than I was. I didn’t include the losing weight video because with my naturally-slim body, I only have to tone it and don’t have the need to lose anymore weight. On the contrary, I’m actually working out to gain more.

I wasn’t shredded. Although, I also couldn’t deny the the fact that after a couple of days even with a bad form and not-so healthy eating habit, the progress was already visible. It wasn’t as jaw dropping compared to many of the results that I’ve seen online. I have never expected too much about the result and it isn’t so bad as well. I’m actually happy about what I have achieved. Regardless, I am satisfied.

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  1. Another friend my tried this, but didn’t really like wasn’t effective for her daw. But grabe yung mga effects sa some girls. Sana nga pwede din sa boys eh. Ive been trying for two years, wala pa din. Haha

  2. I tried the 28 days ab challenge and I definitely saw lines forming. It’s not such a big change but it’s something especially considering that I wasn’t really eating “clean” XD Chloe Ting is awesome for beginners and those who want to get a kick start on their fitness journey. I think what’s definitely difficult is maintaining the routine after.

  3. Saw the #ChloeTingChallenge from Ms Karla, too! Tried it pero suko agad sa first day. wahaha Maybe because I’m not really used to it. But, seeing yours and others progress, nakakamotivate. Will find time to start again.

  4. Hi Khae, I hope you’re doing well. ?
    I came across Chloe Ting’s video by accident and it read “Get Abs in 2 WEEKS” and sabe ko, weh di nga? So I went to click another video (not related to Chloe Ting). I was truly skeptic until a friend posted her own workout video and pictures sometime around May with the hashtag #chloetingchallenge so mega search naman ako sa Instagram. FLAT NA KAYA TUMMY MO! But in fair, visible and pag develop ng upper abdominal muscles – mas toned and lean compared sa first photo. Super like!

    I agree with doing things on your own pace. I’ve seen another fitness challenge (thigh exercise naman) and a friend tried it, the next day hindi na maka workout since na strain yung hamstrings niya.

    And I can attest that drinking black coffee prior a workout is effective. I do that whenever I attend CrossFit or MMA sessions at the gym (before the pandemic). Now hindi na since ang pinaka-intense na workout ko ay umakyat ng hagdan. Hahaha!

    1. Hello again Miss Khae! Wow grabe ang sexy talaga ohh haha love it that Chloe Ting worked for you! I saw this video on youtube, it became viral a few months ago (if I’m not mistaken), he’s a gym expert. He criticized Chloe Ting talaga for a lot of nasty things na kesyo daw di naman backed up with scientific basis. Basta workout Lang daw siya. However, I’ve tried the Chloe ting workout myself. Di nga Lang consistent but I do agree with you na nakakapagod. Baka Yung gym boy na Yun, he is really speaking for body weight builders or some sort. As a normal girl who just wants to get fit, I really liked Chloe Ting. Kahit mahirap, it’s manageable. I could go on and on but I have to stop haha nakita ko Ang improvement sayo! Ang laking bawas and nag tone din! Thank you for sharing your review din on this Lalo Ng on trend pa din si Chloe ting 🙂

  5. Same here, babe! I didn’t get much of the WOOOW result like the others on line but I felt light! I didn’t follow Chloe, I followed Blogilates which worked out for me. True about ” You are what you eat” concept! So hard to shred all the carbs! lol!

    1. Totoo! Sarap lang magdagdag ng carbs kesa i-burn. LOL! Pero when we do any workout challenge, part of us is parang umaasa din na sana maging bongga rin yung result ano? Kahit alam naman natin na it really needs dedication and consistency especially sa pagkain HAHAHA anyway i’m gonna check out Blogilates. Tapos nako sa Chloe Ting challenge. Next activity naman hahaha 😀

  6. Nice! I did all her ab workout challenge too and it turned out great for me! One thing lang narealize ko, you need to step up the game sa food din when it comes to diet. Although skinny fat ako i still need to reduce sweets ??

    1. Wow really? OMG That’s really great! I wanna seeee. Do you have a post about it? 🙂 Yes, super importante talaga ng diet when working out and swear, ang hirap maging consistent sa food kasi alamona mga late night cravings HAHAHA 😀

      1. I didn’t shred also. Hahaa. Siguro kasi, hindi ko kaya yung diet. I cannot live on eggs alone. Haha. Pero I envy those who were successful! Kudos, girls!

  7. this is a big challenge for me. hindi pa ako nakakasimula intimidated na agad:-)… but i see a lot of women motivated by this.

    1. Ginawa na rin to ni Karla eh and super bilib ako sa consistency nya din sa challenge na ‘to 🙂 Simulan mo na rin, ate Wendy if you have the time.

  8. Hi Misskhae, it looks like nag work sya for you. I’m familiar with this Chloe Ting’s 2-week abs challenge since it’s all over social media, and this is also the routine na ginawa ni Elha Nympha that’s why na achieve nya katawan nya ngayon. It’s also definitely the discipline talaga. Consistency is the key rin talaga.

    1. Hello, Franze! 😀 Yesss akala ko nga hindi magwo-work sakin yung challenge eh and happy naman ako sa naging result kahit napaka inconsistent ko when it comes on my diet. Oyyy now that you’ve mentioned it, oo nga nakita ko ang slim na nga nya! Kaya I don’t know…parang part of me wants to continue the challenge, like start all over again or hahanap ng ibang fitness youtuber na susundan 😀

  9. and coincidently, I’m eating pancit canton now while reading this. Medyo nagulat pa ako. Are you talking to me? haha.
    Speaking of this challenge, I finished the Flat Tummy Challenge last month and I’m doing the Summer Shred challenge naman. At first, the routines were very difficult for me to do and finish. but it was slowly getting easier as I went along. Not really easier pero alam mo yon, you know that you are getting stronger day after day. haha.

    1. Hahahaha wait omg, Dianne! natatawa ako kasi akalain mo kumakain ako ngayon ng pancit canton while replying to you. HAHAHA 😀 anyway, I can totally relate sa easier part dahil the first day for me was hell! Halos di ko nga mabuhat katawan ko but then ayun nga, sarap sa feeling na parang lumalakas ka everyday.

  10. I’ve been doing Chloe Ting’s workout challenge too!!! Nakaka-happy nga dahil feeling energized na ko. Parehas tayo, gabi ako nagwoworkout kasi I’m not a morning person hehe cheers to a healthier and fit body!

    1. Yaaay! Akala ko nga ako lang nagwo-workout ng gabi eh hahaha wait, do you drink coffee ba before working out para mas maging malakas at hype to do the routine?

  11. Maybe its time na magbalik loob. Day 6 lang ako ang I gave up XD

    1. Anona Geneveve Caren, nakapagbalik loob na ba? 😀 Hahaha kung hindi pa sabay natin simulan ulit sa first day hahaha

  12. It’s good to know that the workout challenge worked for you in a way. But just like what you have mentioned, one should incorporate good diet and healthy eating habits aside from working out. Dicipline and consistency are the keys talaga. Even Chloe Ting had some bad times before as I’ve watched on one of her vlogs.

    1. Yung healthy eating habit ang isa sa pinakamahirap i-maintain when doing workout challenge 😀 I’m guilty sa disiplina kasi yung tipong minsan nagchi-cheat ako during routines like, not doing the forms properly or tumitigil in between session porket feeling ko ako lang naman nakakaalam ng pinaggagawa ko HAHA

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