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Reasons Why You Need to Attend Local Workshops As A Creative

Workshop always sounds so dull just thinking about it because of how you just sit there and listen to what the person in front of you is saying. But this pandemic has taught many of us to go beyond our comfort zone especially for creatives like, vloggers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, writers, event hosts, and a lot more. Even though there are many online resources where you can learn from, it’s way different than attending local workshops and learn a thing or two from people in the same industry.

A news and media creator called Lokal Mindsets in Zamboanga del Norte has been actively organising workshops for creatives, giving them free access to new knowledge and expert advice on topics that are relevant to a creative’s growth and success.

Yes, it’s free! That’s why I listed some important reasons why you need to take advantage of creative events like this and attend local workshops wether they come with a certification or not.

1. Meet with likeminded people and industry peers

As a newbie content creator, local workshop is an avenue for me to build my network and become part of a community that understands my ideas and creativity. A workshop may have people that comes from a different sectors and line of work, one thing you will have in common is your interest in the particular topics being covered in the workshop. It’s interesting to tackle certain contents with someone who has the same mindset as you. For me, I can go a day talking about a lot of stuff that interests me. And that is the beauty of local workshops!

2. Learn beyond your field of interest

In the recent workshop that I was part of as a guest speaker entitled “Think Outside The Box” held in the Museo ni Rizal in Dapitan City, the mission of Lokal Mindsets is to guide and nurture the growing seeds of content creators in the local industry. The workshop covers different topics, from learning basic photography, videography, and hosting, to improvising writing skills and marketing your contents online.

Having a powerful line-up of speakers, the workshop offers advices and knowledge for attendees to take back with them and hopefully help them grow their skills and build their brand in the industry. Different topics yet what amazed me more is even though you attend a workshop to learn about your field of interest, you’ll end up learning more and beyond because of how topics has been arranged that has been linked from each other which you can use on your own advantage.

3. Generate new creative ideas

Think Outside the Box was a 2-day workshop where participants will learn the different techniques honed by the different individuals behind Lokal Mindsets. Attendees will also experience to go out of the standards of the common aspect of photography, videography, hosting, and writing. The chance to learn from other people generate new creative ideas for yourself.

More reason why you need to attend local workshops!

They say, “Two heads are better than one”. Well how about 11/20 heads? That’s a lot of heads! LOL! I’m just saying that when different skills and experiences collide, ideas and solutions emerge. I would usually say that I’m self-made, but no I couldn’t have done any of these things that I’m doing right now if not with the people I surround myself with. Lokal Mindsets has given me a community that I can freely grow and not scared to make new ideas. If this isn’t amazing for you, I don’t know what is!

4. Present your work to others to help yourself grow

Everyone knows it’s great to talk! I was there as a guest speaker and my purpose was to share with them about my story in a hope to inspire them that dreams are being made and not wait for fate to happen. Talking about my journey in building my brand as a local travel and lifestyle content creator wasn’t just as simple as sharing my knowledge to the participants for them to learn but surprisingly, it has taught me a lot more.

While I was presenting, it just suddenly came into my senses and realized that what I do isn’t just about me or about my experiences. But it’s always about those aspiring creatives out there who’s silently writing in their bedroom right now, smiling as how beautiful the photos they have taken using their mobile phones, editing and publishing their first ever content, and watching their favorite creators online. I am here to somehow touch them, influence them to make a move on their dreams

5. It overall benefits you

Some workshops provide free food and snacks. No, I’m not talking about this kind of benefit! Here’s a bullet list for better takeaways.

  • It’ll save you time. By attending workshops especially when it’s free, you will hear from others who have learned things the hard way. You’ll understand what works and what doesn’t. Hence, it’ll avoid costly mistakes and you can make use of your time and money better.
  • You get a better system since you will explore all the barriers and learn solutions from challenges that are common in the industry.
  • Get feedback. There is nothing like meeting actual, real people. You are going to hear real journey and this is rare in our digital age.
  • Again, networking opportunities.
  • You get motivated and inspired. It will surely leave you with a clear way forward.
  • SELF-INVESTMENT! There’s nothing more to explain here.

Join the Lokal Mindsets community today!

Lokal Mindsets is the movement of the connected age. The creator of stories. Keeping the focus on our goals while exploring new ideas and skills in achieving our dreams. And authentically and genuinely connect with the people.

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  • May 18, 2022

    I love attending workshops too! It’s really a big help for content creators like us and especially to you because you are really promoting tourism! Not just in your place but the name of beauty of our country.

  • September 16, 2021

    love how your tourism has initiatives like this, or rather, sinusuportahan kayo ng local government niyo sa ganto. what i love about workshops is you get to meet new people!

  • September 16, 2021

    I attend workshops all of the time. There’s always something new to learn. It’s just kinda sad that everything is online now and mostly videos. It’s better to be in a physical class with real people huhu

  • September 16, 2021

    Thanks, I just joined the community. I’ve been looking for local workshops to expand my network and possibly get job opportunities, on top of improving my skills.


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