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3 Best Dive Spots in Negros Oriental: Bacong Port, Dauin, and Apo Island

Ever since I learned how to freedive, I have been meaning to visit more dive sites in the Philippines. Along with Batangas, Moalboal Cebu, Coron Palawan, Puerto Galera, Siquijor, and Bohol, one of my list is to explore the best dive spots in Negros Oriental.

Negros Oriental especially the “City of Gentle People”, Dumaguete is not entirely new to me at all. I always see it as a laidback, familiar city yet it remains strange to me ‘cause I always seem to forget where places are even though I’ve been there a lot of times already. But, visiting the province of Negros Oriental again on different purpose feels like exploring a whole new destination.

Together with my #BoyaFam, we packed our freediving gears and travel to Dumaguete to explore the best dive spots in Negros Oriental. The breathtaking underwater landscapes of Bacong Port, Dauin, and Apo Island have made our 3-day freediving trip the best experience. We also had side excursion trips in other beautiful tourist destinations within the third district of the province and had a wonderful gastronomic adventure.

Dive Spots in Negros Oriental That You Should Visit

Negros Oriental houses Dumaguete City and this province is considered to be one of the most visited diving destinations of the Philippines. Almost all types of diving can be experienced here — scuba diving, deep sea diving, snorkeling, and freediving, which undeniably has becoming more popular nowadays. The undersea of Negros Oriental is rich with many beautiful corals and a wide variety of fishes. You can even find turtles within the shoreline.

Here are three (3) of the best dive spots in Negros Oriental that you should also see and explore especially if you’re an experienced freediver!

1. Bacong Pier/Port

This dive spot in Bacong, Dumaguete is fascinating with the stands of the pier pillars looming around you and covered in a wide variety of colourful soft corals. Bacong Pier is a photographers and freedivers dream. Personally, it is one of my dream dive spot.

As you dive down, you’d see how amazing the pillars extended to the bottom of the ocean, which appears to be atleast 15 meters deep during our dive. The pier itself has about 1-2 meter gap beneath the surface of the water and the concrete top so you can come up for air almost anywhere safely without getting trapped underneath the pier.

2. Apo Island

3. Dauin Dumagute

Where To Stay in Dauin, Negros Oriental

For you to get the most of these dive spots in Negros Oriental, I highly recommend to stay in Dauin, Dumaguete. The municipality of Dauin has a long stretch of beach coastline that is famous for its world-class diving experience because of its breathtaking underwater landscapes. The dive sites of Dauin near the resorts, are generally sandy slopes, that offer easy diving for dives of all levels.

La Tortue

We stayed in La Tortue and it is situated on the beach in Dauin. You’re a few steps away from diving, snorkeling, or just sticking your toes in the sand. 

Mabuhay Dumaguete

Although I haven’t stayed here, I am recommending Mabuhay Dumaguete because they are known to be one of the best places to visit in Negros Oriental if you like to experience and discover freediving. They have certified coaches and best trainings to teach you skills that you need to learn for safe freediving.

Check out Apnea Dumaguete for further information and inquiries if you’re interested about freediving.

How To Get To Dauin Dumaguete

By Air

  • From Manila
  • From Cebu

By Boat

  • From Cebu
  • From Dipolog
  • From Dapitan

Getting Around Negros Oriental

  1. Private Transfer
  2. Rent a Motorcyle – ₱500
  3. Public Transportation

Recommended Tourist Spots to Visit in Negros Oriental

  1. Sulfur Vents
  2. Pulangbato Waterfalls and Cold Spring
  3. Red Rock Hot Spring
  4. Twin Lakes
  5. Forest Camp

3 Nights & 4 Days Itinerary in Dumaguete

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