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FREEDIVE TRIBE PH: Camp, Dive, Yoga, and Work from the Beach in Batangas

Writing this experience one week after my well-deserved trip in Batangas at Freedive Tribe PH feels like it was just yesterday. For 5 nights and 6 days, it was the shortest excursion yet the most productive one that I had during my CALABARZON trip. There are lots of memories that I want to remember but I couldn’t seem to put them all into words. The entire experience has made me speechless. One thing that stick to me though is becoming part of an interesting tribe.

Settled in one of the top diving destinations in the Philippines, Freedive Tribe PH headquarter can be found in Barangay Bagalangit, Mabini Batangas. This quaint hostel is more than just an accommodation. Personally, I love how they call it “The Tribe” instead of a resort. It feels more unique and down-to-earth. Whether you go there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or just a passer by, the tribe is just uniquely comforting.

Over the years, the Freedive Tribe PH has built a community of people from different walks of life. Even with the contrasting perspectives and beliefs of these people, the tribe has a strong foundation of respect to one another. That’s why it proudly stands out from the rest.

5 Best Things To Do in Freedive Tribe PH

Truth be told and as how they claim it, Freedive Tribe PH indeed welcomes everyone. You will never run out of things to do in the tribe. From camping out, doing yoga exercises, getting your work done with a stunning sea view in front of you, meeting wonderful people, to learning how to freedive which has becoming really famous today, the tribe can spoil you with all these things.

And guess what, all that at a very low cost to you. I mean, why spend much to have fun, right? πŸ™‚

1. Learn Freediving with the Best Certified Coaches

Freedive Tribe PH offers an Introduction to Freediving lesson. It’s a 2-day course for everyone. From non-swimmers, to novices and advanced freedivers. Here’s the catch…you’d get to learn it with the most skilled, very knowledgeable, and passionate certified coaches in the tribe headed by Molchanovs Instructor Tugs Maramara.

Wondering what to expect in the Introduction to Freediving Lesson with Freedive Tribe PH? Here’s a 2-day guide flow for you so you will get the idea on what youself is getting into. I personally experienced these, so trust me, I’m quite reliable.

Day 1 – Registration, Briefings, and Socials

  • REGISTRATION – You register yourself in the tribe and get fitted with free gears.
  • DRY BRIEFING – A 2-hour session that will teach you about freediving theories, gears, breath hold techniques, relaxation, how to equalize, and more. This is one of the most important so try not to miss it.
  • WATER BRIEFING– Another 2-hour session where you will apply what you have learned during the dry briefing. You will also be guided on how to slowly get comfortable with open water.
  • LUNCH AND REST – Use this time to network and meet your tibemates or use it wisely by sleeping. You need all the energy in the afternoon.
  • OPEN WATER TRAINING – As you get more and more comfortable in open water, this 2-hour training will teach you skills and techniques on how to become an effective freediver. Reach atleast 7meters underwater. You can do it!
  • DINNER – Whole day of seeing your tribemates, I’m sure you have newfound friends by now. Have dinner with them.
  • SOCIALS – The most favorite of them all. Drink, sing, laugh, and have fun with everyone in the tribe including all the coaches.

Day 2 – Yoga and Fundive

Now that you’re getting the hang of being in the open water and with the skills & knowledge that you have acquired on your first day, this is the time for an awra dive.

If you’ve seen breathtaking freediving photos (check out the feed of chinitongmandaragat on Instagram — he’s the resident underwater photographer of Freedive Tribe PH), it’s your turn to inspire others to learn freediving through your photos. Underwater photos during your awra dive is completely free and included in the package.

  • YOGA/STRETCHING – Never miss this. This is important for your relaxation and breathing exercises so you can hold your breath longer underwater.
  • FUNDIVE – This is the time for an awra dive.

How much is the Introduction to Freediving lesson in Freedive Tribe PH?

There’s no need to compare, but even with the growing number of communities that offer freediving lessons in Batangas, I would personally say that Freedive Tribe PH comes in an overall package. It’s affordable and has the most worth it experience.

Not so long ago, I had my first freediving experience in Dapitan City. The breathtaking underwater photos have driven me to start but it’s the profound interest that makes me want to explore more about this interesting sport. I want to learn it properly as best as I can and be able to share some knowledge about freediving through my platform that’s why I realized how much I want to learn it from the start.

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2. Work from the Beach in Freedive Tribe PH

As someone who is a digital nomad, Freedive Tribe PH is heaven to me. Hearing the waves crashing the shore, birds chirping, feeling the sea breeze on your skin with the breathtaking view of the sea, it’s everything that I could ever ask for when working.

They offer the most affordable work-from-the-beach packages inclusive of beachfront accommodation, private toilet and bath, full board meals (lunch to lunch), 24-hour fast and reliable internet connection, unlimited brewed coffee, and free use of diving gears (mask, snorkel, fins, and buoy). What’s more to ask!

3. Do Yoga

Freedive Tribe PH is now hustling with more freediving bookings and it’s excellent that they have yoga classes as well with a certified yoga instructor. Unfortunately, I wan’t able to meet Coach Ekai during my stay but special mention to Teacher Allan.

Basic yoga classes is also included in the 2nd day of the Introduction to Freediving Lesson. If you’re not familiar with how yoga works or haven’t tried doing it in your lifetime, then you kind of have to do just the basic because yoga is associated with freediving as both consist mainly of relaxation. And I highly suggest not missing it ’cause well it’s free.

I haven’t tried yoga myself because I am more fond of exercises like boxing, muay thai, circuit workout and lifting weights. It was my first time to actually do it and hell, it was hurt pumpin’! Although, I have to say that I had fun and I’m probably gonna be doing it from now on since I am becoming more serious with freediving.

4. Teepee Hut Camp Out in Freedive Tribe Campsite

Freedive Tribe PH has a campsite with teepe huts if you want to camp out. It’s a 3-minute walk from the beachfront headquarter.

5. Hangout with the Tribe Community during Socials

It is so easy to get caught up in our own bubble and forget that there is a whole world out there. As you venture into a new hobby, Freedive Tribe PH gives you the opportunity to meet others through a networking socials. It’s the time where you can socialize with others including the coaches. Have fun, get into conversation, laugh, drink, sing, and talk about freediving, your journey on how you found the tribe, and even about life in general. Everyone is very friendly and they will never leave you hanging out alone.

I went there to get more knowledge about freediving and went home bringing with me a beautiful friendship (special mention to bhie triz) and a wonderful community that has never made me feel alone the moment I first step in the tribe. The staff makes it feel more comfy that you’d never want to go home.

Get to know more about their community by checking out their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Get To Freedive Tribe Ph

The tribe may be located in a remote and coastline area of Mabini Batangas, but it isn’t that hard to reach the headquarter. Freedive Tribe PH is mappable. Thus, it’s easy to locate if it’s your first time going there. From Manila, here are ways to travel.

  • By Private Vehicle – This is by far the easiest way to travel and you’ll reach Batangas in no time. So if you have the means, go for it.
  • By Taxi/Car Rental – If you want your 3-hour travel to be exclusive and you have the bucks to pay around PHP3,000 to PHP5,000 for a one-way ride, then this will do.
  • By Carpool – This is a shared private vehicle. It’s highly recommended for solo female travelers like me with luggage because it’s a pick-up-drop-off point type of transfer. I think this is one of the most go-to rides when going to South because it’s more affordable if you want comfortable, stress-free travel. I paid PHP1,000 – PHP1,500 for a one way trip in an SUV car. Freedive Tribe PH also arranges carpool transfer by van if you avail their Introduction to Freediving lesson. You may inquire on their Facebook page.
  • By Bus – For just PHP200 – PHP300, you’d reach Batangas. The only downside of this is you have to ride a tricycle going to the tribe.

What to Pack in Freedive Tribe PH

If you are like me who usually forget some important things to pack on trips and want to be very specific on what bring, here’s a list that you might need on your first freediving experience in Freedive Tribe PH.

For your hygiene..

  • Sun Block for Face and Body (if possible, choose the reef-friendly products)
  • Aloe Vera Gel – highly recommended for sunburn
  • Insect Repellant
  • Hair Protection Products
  • Toiletries
  • Tampons for girls Don’t be like me. I wasn’t able to join the fundive because unluckily, it was my first red day.

For clothing..

  • Comfortable swimming clothes (rashguard, leggings, swimsuit, bikini, board shorts)
  • Workout clothes for yoga session
  • Socks – some wear socks for fins to perfectly fit.
  • Bath Towel
  • Slippers

General stuff…

  • Underwater camer gears (optional, but if you have means then perfect)
  • Powerbank
  • Own water bottle, Utensils, Coffee Mug – Although the tribe has already some of these stuff, it is highly recommended especially the water bottle for a sustainable tourism.

Things to Know and Travel Tips

Traveling in an unfamiliar destination for the first time is quite nerve-wracking. You get anxieties on what to expect, but that’s usually where the excitement comes in. So, here are tips that you might want to consider if you’re going to Freedive Tribe PH in Batangas.

  • Bring cash as there are no ATMs nearby. The best thing though is the tribe has contactless payment. They offer bank transfer and Gcash which I absolutely love.
  • If you work from the beach and have loads of gadgets with you, I suggest that you bring extension wires.
  • Pack light as much as possible.
  • Aside from their full board meals inclusion, the tribe also has short orders.
  • They are strict about the 10PM quiet time so respect other guests’ spaces and rest hours.

With all these information, I’m sure it sparks a little interest in you to learn and experience freediving. And I understand that it feels pretty intimidating because of so many factors — fears, anxieties, traumas and more. But you know, the only way to experience it is to try. Take the risk and there’s no other time to start but today. Don’t worry, Freedive Tribe is just there.

We’ll wait for you in the tribe. See you!

Watch my Youtube video of my experience in Introduction to freediving

Do you want to try freediving? Visit Freedive Tribe PH!
They are one of the best community out there.
Be part of the tribe today.

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  • September 22, 2023

    May I know if they offer campsites along the seashore here?

  • September 22, 2023

    Is this still open up to this day? and how much is the update price for Free Diving lesson?

  • Ria
    May 27, 2023

    Hi po! May I ask how to get to their location by bus from Cubao. I’ve asked them a couple of time but they insist carpool. I just thought it’s cheaper for me and my hubby to commute by bus then tricycle. Thnk you po

  • Niqui
    March 2, 2023

    Hi, may I ask if may 24 hours available na jeep from batanggas port to mabini crossing? As well kung merong tryke? Thank you

  • Yas
    August 4, 2022

    So detailed and organized ng pagkaka blog mo. Bihira na lang ang nagbo-blog ng ganito nowadays lalo’t uso na ang vlogs, reels, and short videos. So thank you for taking the time to write all these. πŸ™‚

    Last month nag-snorkle ako sa El Nido at na-inlove ako sa ganda ng ilalim. Sadly hindi ko malapitan yung napakagandang corals at fish, hanggang tingin na lang from the surface. That beauty that I fell in love with inspired me to learn freediving. First time ko magti-take ng course next week. And all that you’ve shared here are very helpful! πŸ™‚

  • Wendyflor
    June 23, 2022

    I just saw Korina Sanchez’s IG. she does freediving, too. And I’ve seen several posts of yours doing freediving. Kakainggit!

  • June 17, 2022

    thanks for sharing this, will recommend this to my friend who’s interested to learn and get it for free. gusto ko din sana mag join and learn kaso ang layo ng area ko

  • Blair Villanueva
    June 17, 2022

    Thanks for sharing with us this awesome info. We are interested to learn free diving when we come back to the Philippines (coz mas mura diyan!).

  • June 17, 2022

    I want to try this freedive at complete ang details on how to register and tips! <3

  • June 17, 2022

    i havent tried free diving medyo natatakot ako. di ko alam how ill get to handle myself ng hindi ko abot ang sea floor. any tips?

  • May De Jesus-Palacpac
    June 17, 2022

    Mukha talagang nakaka engganyo ang free diving, although I’m a little scared. I can swim but I’m not a strong one. Plus, ang hirap lumubog, haha. Maybe one of these days, the family can try it.

  • June 16, 2022

    Seeing this post makes me want to get ready, pack up my things, and head to Freedive Tribe PH as soon as possible as it has been quite some time since I last dove into open water. It was first mentioned to me by a friend, but I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time; however, after reading it here, yup. Weekend na please?!

  • June 16, 2022

    I’ve always wanted to try freediving although I have some hesitations. I hope to muster the courage soon because the underwater sceneries are so beautiful.


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