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When you hear about Siquijor Island, there’s always a notion about this place on witchcrafts and black magic. But seeing beyond these conceptions and beliefs, whatever they may be, Siquijor Island is indeed mystical! The island offers a long stretch of white sand beaches that has many marine sanctuaries with crystal clear water, majestic waterfalls, a heaven spot for divers, has great food, and super friendly locals.

Located right under Cebu City, Siquijor is an enchanting, beautiful island outlying in the Central Visayas Region of the Philippines. It is known to be the “Island of Fire” or “isla de Fuega” because of the fireflies that lit up its night sky. Today, the island has preserved a tradition of folk healing and myths of sorcery.

Top Destinations in Siquijor

Siquijor Island being in small size can still be toured within a day. The early you arrive in the island, the better so you can explore Siquijor’s top tourist attractions by motorcycle and spend half a day lounging by the beach.

1. CAMBUGAHAY FALLS – Best Tourist Attraction in Siquijor

This stunning three-level waterfall is one of Siquijor’s top tourist destinations.

In just around 100 steps, you will hike down the stairs to reach the waterfall. Cambugahay Falls usually gets the most tourists that’s why I highly suggest to go there as early as 7:00 in the morning so you can take photos in a less-crowded waterfall. There are two swings in the bottom tier of Cambugahay Falls and you can swing in an unlimited amount of time for PHP50.00. Entrance fee is FREE but you do pay for PHP20.00 for the parking fee.

Lagaan Falls

If you want an uncrowded waterfall, visit Lagaan Falls in Lazi. This off-the-beaten jungle waterfall in Siquijor is just a 30-min drive from San Juan. It is packed with adventures such as rope swings, rock jumps, swimming holes, and a small cave that you can swim through if you’re extra adventurous. Entrance fee is PHP50.00 and a parking fee of PHP10.00.

Although there is a clear trail, I recommend to take a local guide with you to take you down to the falls for your safety and a good company while walking in a 15-minute dirt trail underneath a dense forest. Locals in Siquijor are very nice people! Just give your guide some good tip after.

2. PALITON BEACH – Best Beach in Siquijor

The glistening fine white sand and the coconut trees in the shoreline of San Juan makes Paliton Beach the best and most rated beach of Siqujor. It is famous for its instagrammable swing which contribute to a complete summer feels that’s why it’s usually very crowded. If you’ll go there early and get lucky to arrive with less people, then you’d get the best photo of the swing. Paliton beach is best experienced during sunset so from my personal experience, put it on the last destination on your itinerary.

3. SALAGDOONG BEACH – Most Famous Cliff Jumping Point in Siquijor

If you’re in search of adrenaline and has an adventurous heart like me, then you will fall in love with Salagdoong Beach. It is located in the eastern side of Siquijor — around 30 minutes drive from Cambugahay Falls and an hour from Paliton Beach. With its turquoise and crystal clear water, one of the famous activities to do here is snorkeling. I am no longer fond of just hanging around in the beach that’s why I always look for an adventure and Salagdoong Beach has been one of my favorite stops in Siquijor.


You haven’t been in Siquijor if you don’t take photo in the “Welcome to Siquijor” sign with an incredible view of a Spanish colonial era church of Saint Francis of Assisi. It looks very historical and is a warm welcome of all the tourists of Siquijor island. This welcome sign is around 5-minutes walk from the seaport and is probably the most photographed spot in the island since you will actually get to see this first when arriving Siquijor.


This 400-year old grand balete tree, that is believed to be the oldest and biggest in the province, has a spring at its base where tourists have their feet nibbled on by the fish. Balete trees are believed, especially by elderly, to be a home of mystical creatures. This is why when you visit this century old enchanted balete tree in Siquijor, make sure to not make loud noises and respect the area as much as possible. You can also find stores here that sells locally-made pasalubong stuff.

6. PITOGO CLIFF — A Hidden Cliff Paradise You Shouldn’t Miss

Pitogo Cliff is one of Siquijor’s best kept secrets. You shouldn’t miss the chance to visit this hidden, serenee cliffside. A local said that prior to becoming one of Siquijor’s popular destination, this was a private hangout place. Entrance to the spot is PHP30.00 and you can already enjoy the breathtaking view of the Sulu Sea. The highest point reaches up to 40 feet.

How To Get To Siquijor Island

There are no flights going to Siquijor but it’s easily accessible via ferry.

Cebu to Siquijor

  • CEBU TO SIQUIJOR VIA TAGBILARAN – Oceanjet offers an everyday trip from Cebu Port (Pier Uno) at 1:00 pm via Tagbilaran. It’s a 5-hour trip with a 20-min stopover in the port of Tagbilaran Bohol. One-way ticket costs around PHP 1,600 in a tourist class accommodation.
  • If you’re traveling from Southern side of Cebu, like Moalboal or Oslob, you’ll arrive at the port of Lilo-an. There is a direct ferry from Cebu to Siquijor via Liloan Port. Maayo Shipping departs once a day at 10:00 am. The ride costs PHP 200 per person and takes 2 and a half hours. You may buy a ticket once you get there, no need to book in advance.
  • CEBU TO SIQUIJOR VIA DUMAGUETE – There are shipping lines, like Cokaliong, that departs every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:00PM from Cebu Port. Travel time is around 6-7 hours so you will arrive in Dumaguete at around 2:00 AM the next day. On Sundays, the boat leaves at 12:00 NN and arrives at Dumaguete by 6:00 PM. Make sure to check the website for available trips.

Dumaguete to Siquijor

There are multiple daily trips from Dumagute to Siquijor via Ocean Jet, Montenegro Lines, GL Shipping Lines, and Aleson Shipping. The first trip is as early as 5:00 AM and travel time usually takes around 3 hours for PHP 150. I recommend Ocean Jet.


Travel Tips

MOTORBIKE RENTAL – Most convenient way of getting around Siquijor Island

One of the best things to do in Siquijor is renting a motorbike to tour the island. You’re on your own pace and it’s way more convenient. Depending on the season, the motorbike rental costs around PHP 400 – 500 a day. You can directly rent one when you arrive at the port or you can ask when you get to your accommodation. Other vehicles, such as 4-seater car or a van, self-drive or with a driver are also available in the island.


If you’re a digital nomad like me who works everywhere, WiFi is a necessity when I travel. In Siquijor, staying connected is quite a challenge. Not all restaurants offers WiFi connection and there are accommodations that offers free, yet the connection is slow. However two networks, Globe and Smart, are somehow working fine. But from where I stayed in Residencia Diosa, the WiFi connection is heaven to me.


There are couple of working ATMs around the island but it’s best to take a cash with you especially when you’re on a tour because you have to pay for parking fees, entrance fees, give gratuities if you like, and buy water, food, and stuff in between.

Where To Eat In Siquijor

  • Baha Bar
  • Roadside

Where to Stay in Siquijor

Personally, it’s best to get an accommodation in the beach coastline of San Juan. But you can browse for an accommodation below.

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