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Paradise Cove Beach Resort: The Fastest Rising Tourist Destination in Sibutad

Along with the rise of the new Sibutad Tourism Council, the municipality has starting to feature its beautiful highland landscape sceneries, like the Ilihan Peak and Gold Rush Hills and some hidden beach resorts in the long stretch of its coastal bay of Barangay Sawang. For a long time, Sibutad is known to be the home of the best seafoods in the province and the islet with crystal-clear water of Pinahon Island.

It still is.

But now, here comes the fastest rising tourist destination in the home of Kinhason Festival where you can spend a quick getaway with your family while being treated, taken-cared of and be served like a family. I am talking about the Paradise Cove Beach Resort.

I am very excited to write about this resort because the place has always been a fuss in my hometown ever since it was opened. Almost everybody’s celebrations are being held there. So, I got curious to see what’s the fuss is about.

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How To Get There

Paradise Cove Beach Resort is a hidden gem situated in Barangay, Sawang of Sibutad, Zamboanga del Norte. It’s hidden yet it can be easily navigated because Sawang Elementary School has become its major landmark.

By Private Vehicle

If you’re coming from Dipolog City, Paradise Cove can be travel by coursing through the coastal road of Dapitan City for about 40 minutes in a private vehicle ride. Just ask the locals where the Elementary School is and there’s a signage going in to the resort.

By Bus

Still coming from Dipolog City, riding a Rural Transit bus is your less-hassle choice if you’re a commuter because it’s the only bus company operating from and to the municipality of Sibutad.

The trip will approximately take about 1 hour for 90.00/person one way. It’s highly recommended that your drop-off point should be in the Sibutad Terminal. Then from there, ride a local transportation called habal-habal or bao bao going straight to the resort for 100.00/person each one way.

Entrance Fees and Accommodation

Paradise Cove Beach Resort is accepting tourists from Monday to Sunday for strictly by appointment only with the following fees and charges:

Entrance Fee

Day Entrance – ₱5.00/head, kids are free
For overnight stay – ₱50.00/head, kids – ₱20.00/head

Cottage Rentals

  • Regular Cottage (15-20pax) – ₱500
  • Function Hall (50pax) w/ unlimited videoke – ₱1,500
  • Picnic Table (10pax) – ₱200
  • Resort Exclusive Rate (For events) – ₱5,000

As of this writing, the resort has no room accommodations just yet, but they’re open for tourists who likes to stay overnight bringing their tents and hammocks for free.


NO WALK-INS! Call 0966 934 4295 to book your reservations.


beach cottages

The resort is small in land size with only 5 regular cottages lined up and a hall but has the fine, white sand where you can live your ideal getaway even with just a tent and a hammock. Then waking up to a beautiful sunrise the next morning. Here are some of the amenities available in the resort:

  • Comfort and Shower Room
  • Function Hall with videoke machine
  • Cottages with charging outlets
  • Colorful sun beds
  • Picnic tables with beach umbrella
  • Washing Area
  • Grilling place
  • Parking lot
  • Mini bar with free charging station
  • Mini convenience store
  • Standby life jackets
  • Garbage Cans
  • Wifi vouchers for 10pesos per hour
  • Free drinking water dispenser

Food and Drink

barbecue breakfast native food
barbecue food

Just like any vacation resort, visiting tourists may bring their own food and drinks with no charge. However, bringing a case of beer will have a corkage fee of ₱150.00/case. 

  • If you plan on staying overnight, short orders like ‘silogs’ are available in the morning for breakfast. 
  • Many locals within the area are selling seafoods like shell foods and fish. But they don’t have a regular peddling day. They sell seafoods whenever it’s available.
  • There’s an available cooking area in the resort if you wish to cook your food in a stove for free.
  • The management can also prepare a breakfast meal for you for ₱150.00/head.


The person who manages the resort is so creative when it comes to event organising. It’s also something that most tourists here are looking forward to. One of the main event that they just launched is the Beer and Barbecue Night every Friday & Saturday.

colorful cottages

Beer and Barbecue Night

This event happens every Friday and Saturday. Strictly for table reservations only. No reservation fee!


Other Events

  • An exclusive rate of ₱5,000 if you wish to book the resort for your special events like, wedding, birthday party, reunion, and more.

Bay Tour Adventure

bay tour

The Bay Tour Adventure at Paradise Cove Beach Resort with their own tourist boat is one of the most requested here ever since it started. The tour includes:

  • Murcielagos Bay Tour. You’d see the beauty of hidden resorts along the coastline of Sawang, Sibutad and fish cage sanctuaries.
  • Coral Watching
  • Sandbar swimming

Price: ₱1,200/tour for 15-30pax (3 Hours)


For alternative route, you may request to the management to drop by and experience Pinahon Island. We requested this route for the first time during the mountains to sea tour in Sibutad. For more information about this day tour and wish to follow our DIY itinerary, the link below may help you.

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Things to Expect in Paradise Cove Beach

Let’s burst your bubble for a sec! Of course, I want you to have the best time when you visit Paradise Cove Beach Resort. With all the colors and beautiful stuff you’d see on photos, here are some things that you might need to know first before packing up and traveling all the way to this paradise:


  • Swimming and the beach view is best experienced when the sea water level is high and it’s usually high during mornings until lunch time. So if you arrive in the afternoon, don’t expect to see the best view of the beach.
  • Considering the rising numbers of tourists and the small area, the resort is usually jam-packed with people especially during weekend. However the management is doing a great job to control the visitors. Make sure to always book ahead of time!
  • Smart and Globe network is accessible within the resort. You can call and send text messages, but the internet data is pretty slow.
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paradise sibutad

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  • August 28, 2020

    Nakakamiss magbeach omg. I dunno how to fight this feeling talaga that you really have the urge to go out pero di pwede.

  • August 28, 2020

    This resort is really lovely. Seeing posts like this during the quarantine makes me a little sad. I realized that my summer would have been different if there was no quarantine.

  • August 27, 2020

    i love the feels of this beach.. chillax lang.. layo lang need pa mag plane. but would definitely put this in my books

  • blair villanueva
    August 27, 2020

    I agree with Karla, nakaka-miss yung easy access ng mga beach destination sa Philippines. I would love to visit them when we get back. Do you think they are operating even nowadays?

  • August 26, 2020

    Grabe nakakamiss yung ganito oh! Dati mga bandang March pa lang dapat nagreresearch na ko ng magagandang puntahan para sa summer outing with fam and friends. HUHU ganda diyan!


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