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Top 3 Challenges in Being a Lifestyle Blogger

Sometimes, when people finds out that I’m a blogger, they would usually get really surprise. Most were pretty curious about what I exactly do and how much I’m earning. But there are others who are deem quick to judge on how blogging is a waste of time– that it’s a no brainer job. Some would say,“That’s so cool. How lucky you are to be just sitting on the internet all day, writing, receiving products, and get to travel all for free.”

I have been in this industry for almost 8 years and how I really wish that I’d get to blog, receive free stuff, and get to see the world for free.

Sadly, no.

What is a Lifestyle Blogger?

A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired from their personal interests and daily activities. It’s literally an author’s life experiences. Some bloggers focus on a specific niche of topic and they do blog post about everything in connection to their desired niche.

The most common niches are Travel, Food, Beauty that tackles a lot of topics about makeup, skincare, hair, nails, etc., and Style which is basically about fashion. These blog niches can also be monetized in a long term plan alongside with other popular niches such as being a mom or finance.

Although there are lifestyle bloggers who blog about one niche of topic that they love to talk about the most, I, on the other hand, can’t personally write only about one thing because I love talking about almost anything that interests me. It’s a great way to sustain my blog. Because I barely travel, I’m not into fashion, and makeup & skincare is just too expensive for me. And I have an overwhelming thoughts sometimes, so there would be really times when I just want to spend an entire day on my desk writing my thoughts away.

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Blogging is way harder than you thought it would be. It takes a lot of hard work. It’s more than just about writing. It’s like when you get your first job, and you mess things up. But that’s okay. It happens to mostly a lot of bloggers.

There has been so many instances that I want to quit blogging but my drive to really pursue this passion is what makes it even more challenging. So, I managed to list down the top three of the most challenging things that I have encountered so far in my 8 years in the industry:

Blogging Tools and Equipments

When I started blogging, this is the last thing that I thought about and considered because I was thinking that a laptop, smartphone, and wifi are all the things that I needed. It was okay at first but as my passion in blogging has gradually progressing, I know I needed to upgrade my tools and equipments.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in using what you have, but even as a blog hobbyist like me, I cannot rely on a simple wifi and smartphone anymore. I am still on this blogging phase. That is why I find this really challenging especially now that I’m considering a lot of upgrades with regards to my tech and tools such as camera for better quality on my photos, laptop upgrade, editing softwares, and I’m also thinking about going for a premium blog plan.

Creating a quality content.

One thing that most readers appreciate or even businesses who wants to do collaborations is the quality of its content. I think for me this is probably the most challenging because a great content is an asset in a blog. It has the ability to drive traffics and potential customers that want to come back for more.

From drafting the title to developing a clear blog post is not an easy thing to do because it takes a lot of hard work to make people read your post. That’s one of the reasons why I have always believe that the essentials of creating the best blog content involves not just having a good write up and writing a compelling title, but it also needs to have best set of photos.

Having a great quality of blog content is also easier to market and creating one needs a lot of time and considerations.

Lifestyle Blogging always involves money.

The question is, do you need money if you want to be a lifestyle blogger?

Well here’s the truth about bloggers, we don’t get the perks all the time. So eventually, yes! I think most of the bloggers already know that there are possibilities that even if it’s just a hobby, you would really need to pay or buy something to sustain your blog.

It’s honestly a challenge on how I can sustain it. Besides, I started blogging without having to pay anything. I only use my existing tools and resources, then write blog posts about what’s already there. But today isn’t the same as yesterday.

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Even when there are so many challenges that I have to deal with, there are also upsides about blogging that I love and enjoy.

  • I am my own boss.
  • My time is mine and only mine alone. It’s a very flexible one! I get to have my own break schedule for a week or a month if I want to. Aaa the comfort!
  • I’d be lying if I say that I don’t like receiving free stuff. So, yes for FREE!

Blogging is a continuous learning for me. I love to hear what you think– your advises, wisdom, and how you’ve been able to get through your own challenges in being a blogger.


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  • blair villanueva
    August 1, 2020

    Lifestyle blogging is what I enjoy most coz I always find stories and content for my blog. Travel blogging is a second niche, but even with this pandemic, I can still write about travel.

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