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A Quick Update of a Digital Nomad

Hey there! I had been really busy for the last couple of weeks which kept me away from writing anything. A lot of things has happened ever since the month of August has started and I am beyond blessed and grateful for all of it. I think it was about time to dive a bit deeper into what I’ve been up to. I am excited to be spilling to you all the wonderful events that I have attended and some freelancing job that I do which keeps me a bit busy.


On the last day of July, I judged a high school pageant called Mr. and Ms. Fit 2019 in line with their celebration of Nutrition Month. The crowd in a school event is crazy, as always, which makes it really fun.

4th of August is the anniversary of my friend’s online business– the Girl Thing. She hosted a pop-up shop event, selling Authentic Korean beauty products and I was supposed to be there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend because I couldn’t leave my house due to a storm.

Then four days later, I attended a branch opening of Ageless Aesthetics— the skin clinic I’m promoting for. I couldn’t been more proud of this expansion because I have been volunteering to them and helping them to market the clinic as part of being their “image model”. I have seen them grow and I am just so proud of them.

On that same day of the opening, I was also invited as one of the board of judges in a Sangguniang Kabataan Literary-Musical Competition event in the evening which is in line with the International Youth Day. It was a school-wide competition and I would have to say that it was seriously intense. Of course, each of the participating schools wanted to win so they really fought hard for that. In the end, it’s just nice to see that they still value respect and sportsmanship.


Freelancing Job

I am unemployed for 8 months now and you know they say about getting back to work after long term unemployment? It kind of bothers me but I’m glad that I haven’t stop learning. Everyday, I continue to update my skills as I do temporary work as a freelancer to learn more on different fields of work that I am interested to explore.

Visual Design and Branding

So, I did a total rebranding of a skin clinic and I am honestly overwhelmed by the number of people who complimented my work. I am never gonna get used to compliments because I am still so insecure about what I do. But it happened and I am so proud of myself.

This is actually a sideline job that I do even when I was still working in a corporate world. Now that I get to own my time, I can now focus on it more. I love it a lot less though when I’m wearing myself out trying to accept too many things. I was trying to squeeze in a lot of works, which ended up stressing me out and exhausting me more than anything in the end.

I have always wanted to make it as a business, but I think I am still not ready for it yet. Yes, I love graphic designing and I’ve got a little bit of knowledge about branding, but I know I still have so much more to learn in a business side of it and I need to acquire more knowledge and skills. Although, I have already prepared the company profile and some photos and documents of my previous clients so that it would be easy for me in case I would pursue it.

Learning the Business

I feel like I always have some place in a business world. Since I was in college, I have always interested to learn more about business because I wanted to build one someday. Everyday, I keep learning and I am waiting for my chance to finally be a part of it. I like when people talk to me about their business– their failures and success stories really interest me. Sometimes, it scares the hell out of me but I still wake up each day with the thought that one day, I’ll finally take a step on that dream.

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I never wanted to stop being productive despite being unemployed that’s why I have decided to be active on blogging. It’s just amazing how this community can give me so much when it comes to learning new things. I was able to write down topics on what to write next and I already have quite a number of pending posts to finalize. And I am very excited to share it you very soon.

So, how are you?
What have you been up to lately? 🙂


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