Self-Care Tips To Do At Home While on Quarantine

I know almost everyone is at home under quarantine. The entire world is on quarantine. People are scared and some are panicking amidst this pandemic. Others are frontliners working to fight this crisis. I salute them all for being so brave on their jobs. Let’s all pray for their safety. But to some who have been asked to stay at home, maybe it could also be the time for you to make use of it– to reflect about your life, do things that makes you happy even though how simple it may seem and start a daily routine that would bring health, rest and joy into your life. By the time this is all over, it’s going to be a brand new you that is ready to take a whole new world.

Now is the best time for a breather! 


A breathe against everything that threaten your sanity. That could be work or people. Let your self and your mind breathe for awhile. Use this time to give yourself the attention it needs. Maybe this situation tells us to take care and love ourselves more by feeding our body and soul with healthy food & knowledge. Be happy for the small things and progress that you make. They are worth celebrating as well.

8 Self-Care Tips That You Can Do At Home

Here’s a simple list of self-care tips that I personally do at home for you to feel slightly more productive everyday. These things are therapeautic (atleast for me) and it’s for the betterment of yourself while gaining knowledge and finding new hobbies to fulfill a new healthy lifestyle.

  • Do your skincare routine leisurely. We’re always in a hurry everyday, like we do almost all things in a small amount of time from preparing for work, eating, doing skincare, etc. Now is the best time to do your skincare calmly. Do the morning and evening skincare. It’s rewarding for your skin.


  • Wash the sheets if you like cleaning and enjoy sliding into fresh one tonight. Also, you can start decluttering your stuff and if you’re a bit extra, well rearrange. There’s nothing relaxing than seeing your room cleaned and sparkling.
  • Write a journal. If you’re the type like me who still loves pen and paper even having a blog that I could type down everything on my mind endlessly, then make a journal if it relaxes you. I don’t know but there’s something distressing about writing a journal. You can create a 30day habit tracker to stay productive at home everyday. I do this on my journal because it’s fulfilling when I check it at the end of the day.
  • Try cooking. Do a new recipe, bake something, or make a smoothie, whatever as long as you’re preparing your own meal. Honestly, I haven’t appreciated cooking when I was still so busy with work, not until I stayed at home and start to do prep meal.

    Along with this, start to eat something healthy. This doesn’t have to be expensive and when you’re just starting, you can have at least one healthy meal everyday until you get the hang of your food intake. Then incorporate it with at least a glass of water every hour. You’d be surprise to see yourself one day that your body is already craving for healthy meal and more water. Oh, and do not forget to take vitamins.


  • Read. I know it feels dull when you think about it. I’m not much of a reader myself but for some reason, I just learned to love reading. That was after just reading one novel. It doesn’t have to be a printed book. There are e-books online and some good articles to choose from. Reading somehow changes the way I think and how I see the world. But you can check my book collections on a related article below. They are all novels but you might find one that would interest you.


  • Do a daily workout routine. Again, yes this is a lazy thing to do because it’s tiring and food is life. Don’t do it just to achieve a hot, sexy body. In this time of crisis, do it because it’s one of the biggest contribution to strengthen your immune system. And we want that! So, you might want to check out this 30-day workout challenge app. It’s free and very great for beginners.

workout app

  • Learn a new hobby. Like, do you always wanted to do something but don’t have the time because work is holding you back? Then you can do it now. There are so many learning courses online about anything you want to learn– calligraphy, painting, graphic designing, writing, cooking, playing an instrument, and a lot more! Make use of internet for good. Besides, it’s an addition to your skills.


  • Movieeees! We all love to watch TV. Bingewatch an old favorite series or start a movie marathon. You can also explore more genres if you like. From Kdramas to anime films. There are a lot of movies to explore out there!

Are you in Pinterest? You can pin it for later.

selfcare tips

Overall Thoughts

I believe that this will end so soon in God’s grace. I salute all frontliners who are outside, away from their family, risking their lives yet saving thousands everyday. Pray for them.


On a personal note, I hate that I can’t help those people in need during this pandemic. Those who don’t have enough food to eat, no shelter and can’t even protect themselves from the virus. I can only speak for them and call out the incompetence of the Philippine government. But I really wish, I could do more for them.


Anyway, let’s keep on fighting this crisis. Stay at home. Wash your hands. Eat healthy, exercise as much as you can to boost your immune system and stay vigilant. We can do this!


This will be over soon.

How About You?

  • Have you done something nice for yourself today? Did you have healthy meal, take vitamins, wash your hands or exercise?
  • What do you do at home while on quarantine?

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  • October 3, 2020

    Looking back at my habits few months ago, I am doing better back then. Still tryng to figure out everything and self-care is the first step that I should learn once again.

  • October 2, 2020

    I agree with you! I think one self-care tip that is really important is learning new hobbies. The thing is, we will never truly know what we are capable of doing if we don’t try and explore different hobbies.

  • August 2, 2020

    Before the quarantine, “occasional” cook lang talaga ako. Yung tipong pag may napanood sa TV tapos nakakatamad lumabas ng flat since may ingredients naman cge cook! Pero during, umuwi kame lahat kase sa bahay ng parents ko so mega volunteer ako mag luto kase… relaxing. Weird but true, nakaka lessen ng stress. Lalo na baking! ?

  • July 29, 2020

    netflix lang din ako ng netflix eh. pero waah napapa cook din ako because of the projects na food related at napa bake dahil sa son ko nagkicrave hahaha

  • June 25, 2020

    Nagstart na ako gumawa ng journal kahapon lang, hopefully, magtuloy tuloy siya. Dami ko kasi kinakatamaran like exercise, cooking and reading. ?

  • June 2, 2020

    Sa skin care lang ako nagiging consistent lately HAHAHA. Not related to the topic, legit ba yung tattoo mo?

  • May 29, 2020

    I need to remind myself to still work on my skincare routine this quarantine. ?

  • May 21, 2020

    I’ve listed most of the things here on mine too (on my podcast)! Just because the usual stressors of work or life aren’t the same as before, doesn’t mean we’re all happy and relaxed at home. Self-care is vital to coming out of this still motivated and ready to rebuild a new normal. 🙂


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