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Welcoming My Birth Month With Amazing Things

HELLO MARCH! One of my most favorite (not being bias LOL) month of the year has finally come! Not only because it’s my birth month, but I just love that I was born in the summer and in a celebration of international women’s month. I love diverse, empowered women with dark or light skin from any different kind of races, all women born in a man’s body and transgender women around the world. I know that this month is going to be more amazing! And I’m claiming it already.

Honestly, it’s not the celebration of my birthday that excites me. I mean as you grow older, celebration don’t excite you that much anymore. I am more craving for genuine love & happiness with the right people plus stability and peace of mind. This may sounds so cliche in beauty pageants, but I am really wishing for world peace right now. With all the things that has been happening, sometimes it feels like we’re running out of time to dream. Like, waiting for the right time for things we want to happen in our lives aren’t worth waiting anymore. Still, my optimist self says that it’s okay to be confident about the future.

I am looking forward to a lot of exciting things this month. To start off, I just received the paper from Department of Trade and Industry for the name registration of MK STUDIO, which was registered and approved by the name MISSKSTUDIO instead. I am still happy with it, though. Not complaining. 

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It’s a one-woman team digital and print graphic design studio that specializes in branding. This is where I spend most of my time with my hobby.

The studio is going really great and blessed with beautiful clients. I’ve been juggling my time with work deadlines and blogging. Being unemployed for over a year, I never felt totally unproductive. It opened my eyes to the reality of alone adulthood as a freelancer– no stable income, no company to share with government remittances, you do all the paperworks, make all the payments, budget and everything. This has been by far the most challenging for me in my career compared to when I was still in a corporate world. I can’t help but missed those times when everything are so easy to manage. When I looked back to it, it just simply put a smile on my face because I know I am learning more at this stage.

My birthday on 8th falls exactly on the celebration of the International Women’s Day. How cool is that! That alone makes me feel like I’m an empowered woman. As of the moment, I can’t think of anything to wish (aside from world peace LOL) if that’s still a thing as an adult. Rather, I am very thankful and pretty contented with everything that I have today. But I am not done dreaming yet. I know that there are still things that are in stored for me in the future and I am chasing for those things. If I can, I wanted to give back and celebrate my birthday with the unfortunate children without families. You know, read books with them, teach them and make them feel loved. It’s what I really wanted to do.

Also, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary on the 11th. We are in a long distance relationship and we have been challenged with so many crazy things that of course, makes our love for each other getting stronger. No cheesy stuff but I just wanted to say how much I am happy with him. He’s so supportive in everything that I do.

My college friend is getting married on the last Sunday of this month and it’s my first time to get invited as Maid of Honor. I am so excited yet I’m still in shocked that she’s finally saying yes ’cause I know that she doesn’t believe in marriage. Although I know she has her reasons and I understand where she’s coming from. I am very much happy that she has finally found someone that made her change her mind.


Hellooo! :) I am so happy that you've reached at the end of this post. Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I'd be delighted to hear it. After all, engaging with readers like you is my top priority. Also, if you liked this article, feel free to share. Love youu! ❤


  • May 22, 2020

    Congrats on the grant of your business! You are an inspiration! I am currently on the search for my next path and being my own boss is the loudest shout i am hearing. Hope you had a blast on your birthday! ?


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